Taelor’s SURPRISE Birthday Party

Today is my son’s RL and SL Birthday! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

For weeks now, I’ve been planning my son’s Birthday Party. It was the ULTIMATE secret. All his friends knew that I’d be having a party for him, but no one knew anything about what to expect. All they knew was that it was a Costume Party, or as they say in England, a “Fancy Dress” Party.

I rented an island and hired some fun fair features to bring the ultimate fun filled experience, suitable for children and adults alike.

Invitations were sent out a week in advance. Then days before the party, an packet was sent to all those that were invited. The packet contained very clear instructions, a location key, a map and entry ticket.

Leading up to that, I’d convinced Taelor that he and I would be going to a Costume Party for one of my friends. He had no idea that the party was for him! *giggles* Even his little fairy friends came back to say Happy Birthday, despite it turning a bit cold.


We decided we would go as Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman. YUP! We were a team of Wonder Women, and it felt great going together and matching.

The day of the event, everyone turned up on-time and gathered. As they did, me and Taelor were at home getting ready for the party. I showered after he did and then did his hair.

Once we were done, we set sail for the Island. Catarina, my sister/Taelor’s Aunty, lived on an island near by, so I convinced Taelor by telling him that we were heading over to her house first.

In no time we arrived at a spot that was not her house, and were greeted with a roar and screams of SURPRISE!!!!!

Taelor seemed in shock cause he was speechless for a while. Soon as it all died down, he went round hugging and thanking everyone for coming. Many people gave him gifts and money. We felt really blessed to have people who loved us so much that they would come and in so doing, be so generous. It was nice.

After greeting everyone, Taelor got to tour the island with me, by Hot Air Balloon. There were so many things to do. From roller-coaster ride, to bumper cars, face painting, the obstacle race….so much. And that was all before we had a delicious Princess cake and enjoyed the night filled with fireworks.

It truly was a lovely day. I was exhausted by the end but not nearly enough to NOT tuck in my little guy.

When we got showered and changed into his PJs. After which, we said Bed time prayers and in no time, he was fast asleep.

What a wonderful day indeed! Maybe the best one ever. I’m so glad my baby is another year the same. 😀

Happy Birthday, butterfly. ❤

Oh, you may have noticed that my camera went bust for most of the event. I did manage to get some pictures of the venue before all the festivities began. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure.

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