Taelor and I make pizza and bring in the tree

Today was another lovely day, just me and my son – Taelor.

We decided that for lunch we would try cooking from a recipe book. Taelor wanted pizza. First, he asked for chocolate pizza, but I soon reminded him that we only eat sweets on Saturdays. It’s a little rule we have in our household to curb but not eliminate him having a taste of artificial sugars.

He eventually decided that we should make a pepperoni pizza (whew!). So I got out all the ingredients for it.

Pizza Dough (which I had already made)
2 packets of shredded cheeses
1 pepperoni roll
1 can of tomato sauce

He helped with every element of it. It was so awesome! He spreads the dough outward in a circle and called it “the sun”. He even put a smiley face on it to make it complete, before smearing sauce and putting the pepperoni. We then each took a packet of cheese sprinkle on it, but Taelor decided to let it snow down cheese by shaking the packet on it. I joined in. What’s a little fun mess when cooking anyway?

After that, we put it in the oven and waited eagerly for it to cook, and then we said grace and ate. It was yummy!

Soon as lunch was through we went to drag in a tree that we had delivered to our yard earlier. We put it on a sled and dragged it near enough to the house – the porch. I then managed to get the tree inside and put it up.

All that’s left now is to decorate it and wrap gifts. Can’t wait to do that soon with Taelor.

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