Taelor and I decorate our tree

((In the lives of many Americans, today is the day to Celebrate “Thanksgiving”.))

((In our home, I’ve made it a part of our daily habit to show thankfulness and love to each other and others. Every day, Taelor and I express thanks; however, nothing takes away from sharing the official day of thanksgiving together. I was glad we managed to squeeze in some time for that <we’ll do our own Thanksgiving dinner with family this coming weekend, so stay tuned :)> ))

Today, I woke up to do some more house work. Decorating our yard and the house on the outside is a lot of work. I’m glad I was able to get a bulk of it done before Taelor woke up.

When I did walk back in, he was awake in the house in his PJs. I quickly asked him to go wash up and get dressed, but not before I got my fill of snuggly, squishy hugs from him. I need my Taeloriffic hugs!

Once he got dressed, we sat down to a bowl of Berry Granola Cereal for breakfast with Soy Milk, apple juice on the side. It was delicious!

We then quickly went to the Christmas market where we got an adorable snow couple ornament for outside, and stumbled upon some very handsome horses.

Taelor had something interesting to say as always:

[09:53] Taelor: Can we pet the horsies?
[09:54] Me: Which horses?
[09:54] Me looks around confused
[09:54] Me: Where?
[09:54] Taelor points ahead
[09:54] Taelor: Over there!
[09:54] Me: These?
[09:55] Me laughs
[09:55] Taelor reaches up and pets one of the horses shoulders
[09:55] Me: awwwww
[09:55] Taelor: They’re so pretty!
[09:55] Me smiles warmly at him
[09:56] Me smiles warmly
[09:56] Taelor: They’re almost like snow, ‘cept for thier noses and feet.
[09:56] Taelor pets the other horse’s neck
[09:56] Me: yeah they are so nicely colored
[09:56] Me smiles at him and pets the bridge of the horse’s nose
[09:57] Taelor: Hope somebody can tell when they got snow on ’em so they can get the snow off.
[09:58] Me smiles at him as he talks about the horse’s wellbeing and sighs with pride “Well the good thing about them is they’d shake it off like how dogs do”
[09:58] Taelor: Oooo! They sound pretty smart.
[09:59] Me: They look like they do have a good owner too, they’re so well groomed.
[09:59] Me: mmhhmm
[09:59] Me: Horses are smart
[09:59] Me: Very intuitive too
[10:00] Taelor smiles and nods, then blinks before saying, “I thought groom was what people are when they get married.”
[10:00] Me: hahahah
[10:00] Me: Yes that’s a groom
[10:00] Taelor looks up at the horses again
[10:00] Taelor: So the other one’s a bride maybe?
[10:01] Taelor: Or are they both grooms?
[10:01] Me laughs and sighs happy to go along “Perhaps. I think that might be possible”
[10:01] Me: They both could be grooms
[10:01] Me: The boy one is the groom
[10:01] Me smiles
[10:01] Taelor grins at the horses and says, “Happy wedding!”
[10:02] Me laughs and smiles “Okay let’s let them have their honeymoon…Say g’bye now”
[10:02] Me laughs still
[10:02] Taelor: So boys can’t be brides?
[10:02] Taelor: Bye bye horses!
[10:03] Taelor smiles and waves to the horses
<We arrive home>
[10:03] Me: Well they can be married in lovely dresses but brides and grooms title is depending on their gender
[10:03] Taelor: Huh…okay. πŸ™‚
[10:03] Me smiles and quickly heads in
[10:04] Taelor: We got lots and lotsa lights, Mommy!
[10:05] Me smiles warmly continuing “What do you think….think boys should be allowed to be called brides too?” nodding to his comment about the lights
[10:05] Taelor: I think they aughta be if they wanna.
[10:05] Taelor: But they ain’t gotta be brides if they wanna wear dresses, though.
[10:06] Me smiles warmly “I think so too. It doesn’t really matter – terms.”
[10:06] Me nods agreeing too
[10:06] Taelor: The ‘portant part is they love each other, and wanna let people know, and then have dancin’ and cake after.
[10:06] Me: Yes exactly.
[10:07] Me smiles proudly at him
[10:07] Me: When did you get so so smart?
[10:07] Me grins
[10:08] Taelor: Ummm…well…I’m really a robot. That’s how come I’m smalrt. πŸ˜‰
[10:08] Taelor grins
[10:08] Me laughs
[10:08] Me: Oh really
[10:08] Taelor makes buzzing sounds as he moves his arms

I love that my son is so open and accepting of others. This, I’m sure, is largely due to the fact that he himself is often judged as a transgender child. He is absolutely right in his point, love is all that matters. πŸ™‚

After we left the market, we headed home to decorate our Christmas tree together. It was just so much fun being able to do that with him. I had held out for the week just so we could do it as a family. Means so much to me to include him in everything.

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