Happy Thanksgiving

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving with some loved ones – family.

I’m not American (read the bio :P), so thanksgiving day (given it’s history) is a little bit of an odd thing to celebrate, but I LOVE any opportunity to give thanks to the Lord for his goodness to us.

So in the great American way, I called up my Sister River and arranged for us to celebrate Thanksgiving at her house. She has the most amazing home, with about 100 rooms – A grand dining room, music room, living room…It was a mansion!

I woke up and spent most of the morning cooking at hers, then came home so me and Taelor could spend a little time together before the fun times ahead. As I showered, he was outside playing in the snow.

Earlier in the week, I’d bought some Christmas stockings for stuffing and had knitted names into the stockings, so I brought that out for Taelor to help me hang up after he was done playing. I had put hooks up on the mantle, so was easy for him to hook them on one after the other. *grins*

After we did that, we got our coats on and headed to his Aunty’s.

On arrival, she met us with great big hugs. It had been such a long while since she had seen him. I was so excited to be there. She means so much to both of us. Greeting us along side her was her other sister, Viveca, and Viveca’s boyfriend, Clyde. They were SO sweet and welcoming.

River wanted to give Taelor the tour, so as she did that, Viveca, Clyde and I reconvened to the den Β while I finished the turkey. I served them some wine as they waited.

After a short wait, dinner was ready and set. They came in.

We went round saying why we were thankful, and sharing stories and lovely conversation. It was such a lovely and loving time.

Perfect day!

After dinner we reconvened back to the den for a game of “Pictionary”. It was hilarious and lots of laughs. Taelor is VERY good at drawing things! I knew he was, even though he thinks he can only do stick figures, it’s clear he has more skills than he realizes. Viveca was won the guessing! πŸ˜€

While we talked, we came on the subject of singing and firemen. So I asked Taelor to sing the song he made for me for mother’s day. So we reconvened to the music room for him to play the piano and sing the song for us.

WE LOVED IT! He was surrounded by a bunch of doting aunties and mom, gushing at him for being such an amazing little boy! πŸ˜€

Check it out if you wish:

After that we went out to embrace the dust of snow that had begun. It was then that be began to nod off. So after taking a photo with the lovely ladies, we headed on home for bed time.

What a lovely day. After he changed into his PJs and we had said bed time prayers, I cradled him in my arms and held him till he fell asleep, before I tucked him into bed.

Night night, Taelor.

[To my readers: Happy Thanksgiving. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you are thankful for in your life ]

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