SHHH! I wrapped some Christmas presents

Today was a quiet day. I spent most of the morning doing a bit of reading and then stepped outside to our beach to take in some air.

There was snow everywhere! Was hard to remember what it was like only a week ago where there was sand for miles. Now the sand was buried by precious, white snow.

I sat and sipped on some lovely apple cider I had made.

After a while, I decided to go inside to quickly do some gift wrapping. Christmas is round the corner, and being the “Santa” helper that I am, I needed to get a head start on wrapping some presents.

This year is my first Christmas with Taelor. Before the season fully sets in, I plan to sit him down and really talk about what Christmas is, etc. I’m really nervous about how to convey “Santa” without dashing his existence all together. Wish me luck!

After that, my sister drops by for a little R & R.

It was nice sitting with her and just gabbing for a while about life, love, men, children and of course, small waists.

2 thoughts on “SHHH! I wrapped some Christmas presents

    • Wellllll…sometimes…only sometimes, Santa asks parents for help wrapping gifts. He brings it over when kids are asleep then we wrap it and send it back to the north pole so he can deliver it later. Buuut only very rarely.

      Half the time we don’t know whose presents were wrapping, we just help him πŸ™‚

      Me and you still need to shop for some presents from US for some friends and family. Xx


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