The Christmas List

Today Taelor and I began working on our Christmas list for friends and family.


When he woke up and I got my VERY IMPORTANT Taelorific snuggles, huggies and kisses, I made him some eggs, bacon and toast. My “Candy bacon” as he calls it, since I have it marinaded and cooked with a honey glaze.

Before he sat down to eat, he went to go get a notepad and pencil for us to make the list.

After saying grace, I took up the notepad and began scribbling as he munched on his breakfast.

When breakfast was over, we went on to one of our favorite toy shops to pick up some items. We’ll be wrapping them sometime next week, together. 🙂

After our first day shopping, we headed on home so he could get ready for bed. As he washed up, I put up another Christmas Stocking. I hope my mantle doesn’t fall over.

It was another lovely day, and as Taelor said his bed time prayers thanking God that we had such a good day, I can’t help but feel all the more blessed to have a child who has learned very quickly how to keep count of his blessings. I just adore him.

Ni ni Tae Tae xxx

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