Taelor and I put up the rest of the lights

Earlier today, my darling brother – Shakespeare – decided to spoil me with a few things. One of them was a cute little puppy pug!!

When Taelor woke and got dressed, I handed the cute little guy to him. Taelor loved him, It was cute. He petted his head and then was very soon overwhelmed by the baby pugs excessive drooling *laughs*.

I asked him what we should call him, so he named him – Mr Scrunchyface!


Taelor helped me decorate the tree last week, but I did quite a bit of the decorating outside…like on the roof. However, I did leave a set of lights so Taelor could help me put it up. I didn’t want him to feel left out of the decorating, even if he is kinda little to do any big work….especially the jobs involving a ladder.

Anyway, today I was gonna fix that, but first we did have lunch and as always, my precious child said his grace. After that, we talked about how Chicken and Waffles came to go together. Now, I have never tried this combination before, but once in a while, my son will make a random request, and being the Mistwallow Adventurers (a name we’ve coined ourselves since we LOVE adventure <chuckles>) I’ve agreed to make room and entertain the taste-bud adventures he suggests from time to time. This one was actually brilliant!

It tasted yummy!

After that we got our coats on to go out and hang up the rest of the lights as planned.

BOY was that fun! My Taelor is such a delight when it comes to helping. It was so much fun being out together and working together. It was quite cold, but I didnt really feel it that much. We both were dressed warmly our coats, and also had on matching snuggly boots, mittens and hoods.

After all the hard work, he went to freshen up to get ready for bed time. It was such a nice day to reflect on. I enjoyed it.

Just me and my Taelor – The Mistwallows.

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