Best Day: Chocolates and Santa!

Today was wonderful!!

I had a dream earlier in the week. In it, I was in a chocolate world! When I woke up, I told Taelor. He Ooo-ed and Ahh-ed about it, gleaming just like I was while telling it. It was soon after that I learnt that such a place did exist. So I decided that I would get us there, Mistwallower style!

Me and my butterfly are adventurers. We’ve done so much adventuring in our past.

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From hiking to train hopping! That’s right, we dare to go out there to see the world. Thankfully, we enjoy doing so together. So, with another opportunity to do something out there…away from home? Well! That is something we definitely embrace!

Dinner was quick! I made us a lovely beef stew with a side of corn muffins. The stew had been on the crock pot since early in the morning, and had cooked for a good 6 hours at least. It was ripe and ready! Delicious!

After eating up, and getting our bellies nicely warmed up, I got us both wrapped up warmly on the outside in our coats and mittens. Then, we set off!

It was amazing when we arrived!

Taelor’s eyes opened wide when he saw it all….all the chocolate and candy. It was fantastic! I was pretty excited too. First thing he wanted was to ride the chocolate train. We weren’t able to get on it, but it was alright. We were soon on the trail of chocolate; eating, licking, biting and touching our way as we went along.

It was heaven! Candy heaven!

After such a lovely time getting sugared up (mind you, it was Saturday, so it was okay as per my house rule 😛 ), we headed up to the North Pole.

Santa had invited us especially, cause he heard of just how good Taelor had been all year. So when we arrived, we were allowed to freely look around.

When we did, we saw the signs showing the direction and distance for each country from the North Pole.  One read “Sidney”, so Taelor asked how Santa knew where Uncle Sidney lived! *laughs* It was funny at the time, you had to be there.

We found a horse and Taelor took a moment to ask it if it was a deer because it was attached to a sleigh!

*cracks up laughing* My son is a hoot!

Anyway, we set off on the sleigh with the horse and saw all of the North Pole. The penguins, the elves, the trees, the Polar Express Train….EVERYTHING! It was amazing.

I wasn’t sure we would get to see Santa, but as it turns out, he was there and we got to meet him. *grins*

After such an amazing day, we went home and got ready for bed for bed. He was tired, but we did have time to wash his hair first before bed, then we said bed time prayers.

Another content day filled with love, in the Life of Belle Mistwallow. ❤

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