Remembering Scotland

It’s been about a month since we left our home in Scotland. It was really such a hard decision, and sometimes I question the decision I made. It was beautiful.

Nature was all around us, hand in hand with peace and tranquility.

Alas, my son has adapted to our new home in Lake City, Colorado, and this is such a great comfort for me. Seeing him happy, strengthens me in these matters, and so it is with fond memories, not regret, that I reflect on our last days there.

Rainy as it was, Scotland was and will always be “Home” in our hearts.

One particularly lovely memory was when my sister, Catarina, sailed over with her son, Timmy, to visit. Timmy and Taelor have become lovely friends, as well as cousins, so it was nice getting to spend the afternoon together and share a meal.

I made us lunch – Hamburgers; one of Taelor’s favorite.

After lunch the kids spent time playing while I sat down with my sister for a lovely chat. Later, I did find them in my room. Timmy was playing with a pair of my shoes. It was a sight to behold.

I’m just glad I managed to get it on camera.

After that, we all went out together shopping for groceries. My sister and I were running out, and since the kids were full of energy, we thought it’d be a great idea for them to be a part of shopping for food for the house.

(Tip: Always good to shop with kids when they are full! They ask for few sweets then Hehehe)

After shopping, I remember taking my butterfly (Taelor’s nick name 🙂 ) home and telling him a bedtime story before tucking him in for the night. It was a story about cookies that wanted so much to be chosen to be eaten. It was an uplifting story, especially one to tell my son since he makes friends with every inanimate object he sees <laughing>. I’d hate him to carry guilt over eating food he befriends, so finding this story was a true blessing. Reading it to him, was sheer pleasure, as always. It’s one of my favorite things to do with him. I cherish it.

It was always so nice looking out his window, in Scotland, as he drifted to sleep each night. Seeing the moon so big and bright right outside his window…it was like a giant, friendly night light.


A lot of happy memories have been had with the few people I call family. There really are some people that will always be family. Like real family, it’s unchanging through ups, downs, humanness, imperfections… But, so long as there is remorse, there will always be forgiveness from me.

I’m so glad I have my sister back!

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