Gone to see Santa!

Last night my sister and I decided we would take the kids to go see Santa.

I had already taken Taelor earlier in the week to see him, but since Timmy hadn’t gone, we decided we would go again as a family. Taelor seemed very thrilled with the idea of getting to see Santa again.

The day began with Lunch! Timmy made it to join us for it. After which Catarina arrived and we got coats on to head on out. Taelor wore his favorite coat – the green, white and pink one. I love that coat, it’s warm and snuggly, plus the colors are so happy and fun. Timmy wore his parka, which was well insulated to keep him warm in the dead of the North Pole cold! 🙂

Arriving felt happy and familiar. We both got on the carriages with our kids, and followed the path to Santa’s workshop.

We walked into Santa’s shop and low and behold, he was there just like last time. He must have known we were coming and took a break to see us.

Timmy went ahead, sat on his lap and spoke to him.

He asked Santa for a train, and also chatted some about his aversion for broccoli.

After that, Taelor got a chance to say hello – again – to Santa, and unlike last time, he did tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. *grins*

After Taelor finished with Santa, we all went up to Santa to take a picture and give him big hugs.

After pictures and hugs with Santa, we headed home, but on the way we saw RUDOLF! Of course we had to stop to give him hugs and kisses. After which, the kids hugged and said goodnight.

((Unfortunately, my camera jammed and I only got 2 shots instead of the 15 or so I had assumed were safely captured 😦 ))

When we got home, Taelor was already sleepy. I immediately had him get ready for bedtime. He wore the most adorable nightgown, with leggings and socks. 😀

We then said our bedtime prayers and after that, I tucked him in and watched him sleep.

I just love loving him!

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