Siddy comes to visit

Today was a day of a lot of grown up work and talks. I had been wrapping gifts all day, but while taking a break, I got on the phone and sunk into chattering away. It was then that I heard a little light tapping on my front door.

When I went over to open it (and looked down), I saw one of Taelor’s oldest and dearest friends, Siddy. I beamed as always and let him inside the house.

He quickly made himself at home, while I remained on the phone, deep in dialogue!

I will admit to getting so carried away that I forgot he was there. When I finally got off the phone, I called out to him, wondering where he was since he had somehow snuck outside of my field of vision from the couch in the corner of my living room.

My bedroom door flung open, and all I heard were familiar, but very rapid CLACKING noises. When he emerged from behind the couch I was facing, I was thrown into a violent laughing fit internally, and all there was on the outside was the shocked face, bitten tongue and inflated lungs!

That didn’t last long, because when he walked on towards me and circled to showcase the CLACKING noise he was very proud of making, I burst out laughing.

Not only did he manage to pull down one of my favorite cocktail dresses and get it on, he climbed my dresser to reach my pearls, and somehow managed to keep his tiny feet inside of my size 7 shoes.

Teaches me a lesson to never leave him unattended.

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