River and Siddy come for pancakes

Today was lovely – as always.

First, I showed him the gift that was brought over the night before by Beyonkah.

After that, we decided to stay at home and relax after our busy present wrapping day yesterday.

What makes a stay at home day all the more perfect if it isn’t PANCAKES for breakfast?? Nothing, that’s what!

So I decided that I’d make some. Soon after that, I got a call from my sister. She was going to stop by!

Taelor was busy playing with the gingerbread house when she turned up and surprised him. He quickly ran up to her and hugged her super tight. She’s his favorite Aunty, after all.

Soon after, Siddy, one of Taelor’s best friends and cousin, turned up also when he heard I was making pancakes. It was fun…all of us sat around the table, eating and talking.

My sister was trying very hard to get them all to beg for chocolate, but I was strong! I said “NO”. <chuckles>. She is such a bad influence on the kids, but they do love her, and so do I. <grins>

The day passed in each other’s company till it was Taelor’s bed time.

While he got cleaned up and ready for bed, me and River had some girlie sister talk. I love our talks.

Soon after, I went in and said bed time prayers with him.

He was so sleepy, but he is just so so cuttteeee….so I was greedy then picked him up and cradled him for a little while till he was pretty much asleep. I then tucked in my precious little butterfly.

Just about a week till Christmas left! I can’t wait.

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