Iceberg and homemade cookies

Today was different. By “different”, I mean VERY much “out of the world”-shocking-DIFFERENT!

My son, who has never gotten in trouble a day in his life, decided today that he would go outside, turn on the tap, directs the water INSIDE the house and around the tree. He pretty much filled the space around the tree up to the top of the tree, then opened the windows and let it freeze over night!

Yeah! He did that! I was deeply, secretly proud of him. But alas, I’m a mom. So I had to keep as straight of a face as I could muster, after all….it was a serious thing! He had frozen our treeee!

So I asked him…”Why would you do such a thing, darling?”…. I was curious and astonished all at once. He said that he wanted to freeze Christmas so that it could be Christmas all year long!!!

Now tell me that isn’t the sweetest thing you ever heard! Needless to say, I couldn’t get mad at him. Not only was this the only time he’d ever done a naughty thing, I was pleased with the creativity and motive behind it. Made me smile and dare I say, I love him even more.

We gathered together and worked as a team to clean up the mess. It took foreverrr!

Finally, we finished. And rest!!

I then showed Taelor the gift I had finally acquired for Timmy. One of them anyway. He seemed really impressed with it, but before he got too excited about it and perhaps even started wanting it for himself, I wrapped it up and put it under the tree for Timmy.

We took a short walk and played in the snow, throwing snow balls and then making snow angels.

It was so much fun.

It was now time to bake some cookies for the house and even for Santa, so we headed to the kitchen to embark on it together.

With the house smelling of fresh baked cookies, night time came and so did bed time. So we set off, said bed time prayers and I put him in bed for the night.

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