Christmas Eve!

Traditionally, Christmas Eve in my home, as a child, was spent telling stories and opening the stockings. We usually had things knitted and woolie. They were usually quite ugly, but they kept us nice and warm. We would gather around the fire, tell stories, roast marshmellows and near bed time we’d get to open one gift from under the tree.

Just one!

This time, the tradition was slightly changed. My sister, Catarina, and her son, Timmy, came over to join us in our Christmas Eve. We had cookies and rummaged through stockings and even allowed the kids to open one of their gifts from under the tree.

I sent Taelor to get ready for bed after all the stockings were opened.

After that, we put out the cookies and milk for Santa himself…

…then we left the living room in darkness and headed to bed.

That night, when I tucked Taelor into bed, he was excited. Couldn’t wait for the next day. I’ll be honest, so was I.


One thought on “Christmas Eve!

  1. I really didn’t think I’d be able to fall asleep, but once I’d got all snuggled under the warm covers, it was lots harder stayin’ awake, specially after alla fun I’d had earlier. 🙂

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