Merry Christmas


Just like when I was old enough to run up to my first tree when I was a little girl, I bounced out of bed and raced to the living room eager! Only this time, it wasn’t a race to the tree, but a race to make sure I was up and out there before my son bounced out of bed himself.

I quickly took several bites out of Santa’s cookies and drank the milk, before erasing all evidence of such a thing before I heard his door pop open and he ran out excited. I hugged him tight and took a picture of his cute face.

It is our first Christmas together!! ❤ 🙂

We already had a ton of gifts under our tree for others, but his weren’t there. Well they weren’t the day before. So now that Santa would have definitely left them, I didn’t expect him to notice in the pile of gifts for others.

I was so excited for him to discover what he got, but in the mean time I just focused on finishing the Turkey lunch I was making for us and the guests that’d be dropping by through out the day to get their gifts from under our tree. As I cooked, Taelor got himself showered up and ready for the day.

Sierra and her girls arrived first. Then my best friend, Dearra. Then my sister, Cat. Then my sister, River. Then my friend Ana and her daughter Daisy….the house was flooded with people coming and going. It was lovely. Reminded me of a traditional Christmas when I was younger. Fortunately, my son is very loving with people, so he enjoyed having all that company, ESPECIALLY when his best friend Siddy turned up. Wouldn’t have been the same without him, that’s for sure.

We soon shared gifts, and Taelor gave me mine.

It was a snow globe with me and him ice skating together. It’s the nicest thing anyone has ever gotten me. It’s amazing because he MADE it with his own little hands. He’s just so precious. The little figurines turn about. It really cant be described! You have to see it.

It’s now my 3rd prized possession – next to the necklace he made me for my birthday and the t-shirt he made me for Mother’s day.

After that, I got to show him what I made him. It was a book! I wrote a story based around him. It was entitled “The Promise of Christmas…” We read it together ❤ 🙂

You’ll have to ask him to show it to you if you are curious to see it, but it won’t ever be up for sale.

Also, Santa got him like a gazillion other gifts…

…one of which was a butterfly house….the kind he asked for when we saw him.

It was perfect, and Taelor seemed really happy about it.

My sister, River, was so kind and stayed later than everyone to help me with the dishes.

That night when we went to bed, Taelor said his bed time prayers and he had so much to say too.

What a blessed day, despite the unexpected social complications that reached my door step in one way or another. I can’t begin to say thank you enough to those who shared it with us and ultimately to God for being so good and generous to us.

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