The aches and sniffles

I woke up today, beaming!

New Years Eve is always a day that makes me excited. I always visualize it like stepping through doors that disappear behind you,  along with the path leading to it, once you cross through them. It feels me with a sense of rejuvenation and hope for a renewed life. So I stayed in bed a little writing my little thoughts on how to spend my evening.

I guess it was the reason why I took forever to get out of bed. It was odd. Taelor wasn’t out of bed either. At least I hadn’t heard him come out of his room.

Finally, I got out of bed and went to his room. It was there that I saw my baby in bed, sniffling!

ANY parent out there can tell you just how mind numbing and gut wrenching it is to discover that your baby isn’t feeling 100% well. I stared at my adorable son’s pretty face, and red nose, and deep inside me I wanted to beat up every germ in the world with my bare hands.

He seemed in good spirits, trying to be the good sport that he is; however, I insisted that he stay put and in bed. He had even gotten up and gotten himself dressed up. Oh no! I took off his sneakers and got him in bed right away. I even turned on the Looney Toones channel so he could sink in and get distracted from his discomfort as I made some chicken soup, squeezed some lemon over his salad and juiced up some organic orange juice with beetroot and a carrot.

It wasn’t long before I was back with the food and got him propped up a bit to eat. He couldn’t eat it all, but he did do a good job going half way.

I put some more tissues in the tissue box by his bed, and left the orange juice by his bed also before heading to the kitchen to drop the dishes.

When I returned, I came back with my medical bag.

Fortunately, I had the necessities to help my son feel more comfortable, and check on whether or not it was anything more sinister than the common cold.

Fortunately, after checking his temperature and his glands, I concluded it wasn’t anything to worry about. Nevertheless, he was achey and sniffly and it made me sad.

I wished I could take his place being sick.

After giving him a baby tylenal for the acheyness, I had him change into comfy pajamas and get back into bed.

All he needed today was rest, fluids, love and lots of all three.

I suggested that I read him a book – specifically HIS book. The one I got him for Christmas. He was so excited about that idea, so I got a blanket and pulled him into my arms then began to read the lovely book written by yours truly.

After the story and chatting along the way, he was so sleepy, and so we prayed together and then he got tucked in for the night.

Just as he slept, we wished each other a HAPPY NEW YEAR. It was sweet and quiet. I absolutely love him…and hope he feels better soon.

PS: Happy New Year to you and yours 🙂

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