Shakespeare comes to Visit

It’s shaping up to be a Happy New Year, indeed.

My brother, Shakespeare, came to visit us today. He had been sick over the Christmas period and missed our dinner. We were terribly sad we didn’t get to see him and share our gifts with him. Fortunately, like his lovely Christmas card to us reads, “…Christmas is more than a day in December…”, so we were more than happy to hold on to his presents.

Taelor had woken up from bed and seemed a little better, although now instead of a drippy nose, it was stuffed. You can tell he’s still sore with his little pink buttoned nose. He seemed to be enduring it well enough. He even dressed himself in one of his Christmas presents. His Princess outfit 😀

He looks just so CUTE!!!!

It was soon after that my brother turned up at our door. He looked so handsome in his tuxedo, having just come from a formal event.

I gathered his gifts from under the tree and he was so sweet and gracious with the little tokens from Taelor and I.

It was a lovely afternoon. He even stayed for lunch. I still had soup and salad left with Taelor’s name on it. He calls it “Magic Soup”. That boy sure does love his momma; he flatters me so. As we ate, Shakespeare opened up his boxes and looked through them.

It was so nice having him over. His energy always makes me feel warmed up. Just the way a little sister ought to feel around her big brother. As an uncle he is awesome. He was trying to convince Taelor about how the dark isn’t as scary as it seems, especially when equipped with a torch light.

He gave us these cool “New Year” hats, and soon after lunch my sister, Cat, swung by briefly to wish us a Happy New Year.

Soon after that, and after Taelor showed off his butterfly house to his Uncle, it was his bed time. I gave him some baby pain killers and vitamins, then off he went to get ready for bed.

After saying bed time prayers, I tucked him in…

…it wasn’t long before he was fast asleep – my little angel.

2 thoughts on “Shakespeare comes to Visit

  1. It was so awesome gettin’ to spend time with you, Uncle Shakes, and Aunty Cat, Mommy. I was havin’ so much fun, I hardly even noticed my cold. 🙂


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