Christmas Gifts with Timmy

So it’s been a couple of weeks since Christmas was here, but my nephew Timmy didn’t get to make it for Christmas because he was under the weather.

When Taelor woke up today it was my plan to let him know the good news of us moving away from where we live at the moment. It had been on my mind all Christmas that in the new year, we would be starting afresh. Fortunately, this week was the perfect time for it.

It wasn’t long after I shared the news, Timmy came over.

It was lovely to see him, and so we decided to take the time to exchange gifts with him. Taelor sat down with him watching him unpack them.

He got a train set, a game system with a TV and video games with all sorts of accessories. He also got a sleeping bag.

After Timmy got his presents, we went to the stables so that Taelor could get his gift from Timmy. it was a horse! How amazingly generous of him!

Taelor swiped the gift card and soon he had a brand new shiny horse *grins*

He’s not yet named it, but in our new home, I’ll be making sure he has a place to ride and play with him.

When we did leave the stables, I quickly took Taelor to the land we’ll be moving to….

It’s right next to a certain orphanage *wink wink*. I’ll disclose more later, but VERY happy times ahead!

After he had seen it, we went back home for our last night. He was feeling a little sad…he really hates saying good bye to places, but he’s gotten very brave lately. He held it together very well, but I insisted he sleep in my room that way I could cuddle him all night and he’d not have to worry about it by himself.

He slept in seconds. ❤


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