Je Suis Charlie

Today was sad day in the real world.

Innocent lives massacred in the name of a misrepresented ethos of the Islamic God – Allah.

An attack on people!
An attack on the media!
An attack on freedom!

[Click to watch, but please be advised that you may find it very disturbing.]

The inhumane humans who did this today, acting under the guise of a “righteous cause”, couldn’t be more wrong. Tragic, as now the innocent souls who simply turned up for work, shall never go home. Their families will never see or hear from them again. Their plans have been cancelled. Their lives, lost.

The people of France and the world, are all enraged at this act. Another act of terrorizing your fellow citizen…yet another one in the line of too many already.

Please be enraged, but not to the point where you begin to victimize other Muslims who do not share in this extremist way of living.

In fact, you will find that the Islamic faith is about love and peace, not this barbaric show of Godlike justice from humans who have no such right.

I am sad and angry, but it is moments like these that I remember these emotions mean nothing without action. Positive action!

Be the change you want to see in others, after all above all else there is love.

Vive La France!


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