Destination: New Home!

Today was a great day. We moved!

Now I say that with a lot of optimism knowing good and well that my son is not at all a fan of moving, and would cringe if he saw me celebrating flat out. He abhors saying g’bye to anywhere he is slightly attached to, and the feeling of moving perpetuates an unsettled home life which we both simply detest. However, I’m full of optimism, because it’s another Mistwallow Adventure on the rise, and as far as I’ve got him, I’m home anywhere.

That is why as we moved and said good bye to each room, each section, each tree, each speck of snow, each leaf…the air, the beach…everything, I was humming and singing the good old song Put on a Happy Face. He sang along and though he didn’t feel like it, he did try to put on a happy face.

I had already sent all our stuff a day earlier with the movers. So by the time we got to the new house (which was identical to ours after the painters painted the rooms as I requested), it felt just like home.

We took a light stroll around the land, so he would get familiar with it all. It’s a much nicer place. It even has a lake as well as beach on the other side of the coast. I think we’ll be very happy here.

It wasn’t too long after they arrived that we had guests. Brianne came over to get her Christmas present and gave us ours too. It was so lovely seeing her. She’s a lovely teenager and is back in school, so I don’t expect to see her often. Was lovely that she did take time to stop by though.

We chatted for a while, but then I had to tuck Taelor into bed. Was his bed time.

As we were about to say bed time prayers, our door bell rang – again. Another guest. It was Mystina. Mystina is a darling little girl who was friends with Taelor when he was an orphan at St. Michael’s Orphanage a year ago. She and her family have kept in touch with us through out the year, so it was lovely she stopped by to get her present too.

She sat there grinning, and trying on a few things that she could. We were glad, but after a while with her on the couch, I had to tuck Taelor into bed for real this time! It was WAAY past his bed time.

After prayers, I snuggled him and tucked him to bed. He was fast asleep in seconds.

It was such a really big day for us, but I’m confident that we’ll be happier here for more reasons than one. The other reason isn’t something I can disclose just yet. All I’ll say is that our prayers to help others are slowly on their way to coming true.

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