Butterflies in my belly

Today was a very simple, but different day!

Last night, I had gotten home late after checking on my nephew, Timmy, who had been in a fire. My sister, Catarina, was out of town, so she sent me a message telling me to go check on him. I immediately raced over. Fortunately, he was already home and safe. Nevertheless, I was fuming.

Apparently, he had gone off with his friends and their dad, and somehow ended up at a church which caught fire soon after. I still don’t understand the full story, and talking to Timmy was of no help. So after a vigorous and angry chat with his friend’s father, I left it for the night. He had promised to contact my sister Cat with an explanation.

Something occurred during that conversation with the strange man over the phone as I expressed my upset. He was warm and well, to say the very least, I was left wondering about him into this morning – today.

My brother, Shakes, and his friends Fofina & Eveline came over to hang out and play. We were all chatting and on the swings when I accidentally butt dialed the man from the night before. Let’s call him Mr. T. for now.

Mr. T. and I ended up texting back and forth for most of the day whilst I did my chores and ran my errands. It was a simple day, but different.

Even with the cold winds and snow dust chilling my face, I felt a warmth from getting that little amount of attention from an eligible, attractive sounding male. Who knows if we will ever meet or speak again. But today was nice and for the first time in a while…

…I had butterflies in my belly.

I did go to my sister’s to wait for Timmy to get home. He had gone to Mr. T and his kid’s home for ice-cream. I had such an exhausting day, and after diving onto the couch to wait for him, I had no idea when I drifted off, heavily into dream land.


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