A “Happy Birthday, Siddy” Surprise!

The first of this year marked the birthday of one of our dear friend, Siddy.

With it being such a monumental day for him and the world, being that it was NEW YEARS DAY, we didn’t get a chance to see him or properly wish him a happy birthday.

Instead, Taelor and I took to scheming and arranged a special birthday surprise just for him.

With Siddy being in love with all things “dinosaur”, Taelor designed the most awesome birthday T-shirts and birthday card just for him.

We also got him a dinosaur plushie and scuba gear. The scuba gear is a necessity as part of his birthday surprise involves a little adventure yet to come this Tuesday.

Today Taelor woke up very early! Just like he did on Christmas day. He always wakes up early on days he’s beaming with excitement, and today was no difference considering it was his best friend’s birthday surprise.

He was grinning proudly having just finished making the gift boxes, with little pieces of cardboard, glue and ribbons. I was so proud of him.

I quickly got dressed and went to finish making the beef stew that had been slow cooking since the early hours of the day.

Taelor came in a few minutes after with his new doll – Becky.

When the cooking was finished, Taelor took Becky back to his room to put her to bed. She’s a baby after all and according to my son “she’s gotta have lots of naps”. <laughs> šŸ˜€

It was then that we sat down, said Grace thenĀ began to eat.

As we ate, we talked and when he was done,Ā Taelor went off to the living room to play on my laptop while I finished the dishes.

It wasn’t long after that we heard light footsteps come up our porch steps followed by a tiny knock on our door. It was Siddy!

Siddy seemed genuinely surprised when he entered our living room and we burst intoĀ singing the “Happy Birthday” song, with theĀ great big cake resting in plain view. We were so so pleased at his genuine shock. Success! šŸ˜€

He cut his cake, and finally blew the candles out after many many tries and tons of spit! šŸ˜€

Taelor and Siddy had huge pieces of the cake, and it was absolutely delicious!!

We took pictures, talked and giggled…

After all that excitement, Siddy was exhausted. Taelor was also, so I tucked him into bed.

We’re all looking forward to Tuesday! The Mistwallow Adventurers and Siddy will take on one of the most exciting adventure – together.

Stay tuned… ā¤

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