Yoga Evening

It’s been a while since I exercised my body and mind to be still and calm.

I pray everyday; however, I find it extremely relaxing and soothing to practice the art of stillness while stretching and challenging my body – the very vessel of God.

Bunneh, my yoga instructor, holds classes fairly regularly. Having missed several, I’m glad I didn’t chicken out of this opportunity. It came at the right time having spent the day cooking and baking a birthday cake for my nephew, Siddy. Besides that, just feeling a bit of stress and anxiety creeping up from feelings left unchecked.

The call to silence was followed by a guided reiki session. We cleansed and healed our chakras with a focus on forgiveness and letting go.

I am Christian, not Buddist. However, I think it is wisdom to take goodness from all avenues. That is why I can look at this symbol of intentional calm and peace without flinching. It does bring a warming smile to my face.


Yoga Instructor: Belle Mayako (Bunneh)
“Tree Hugger| Yoga Teacher| Massage Therapist | Lecturer”
Contact via Second Life or Facebook

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