Brynlie comes to visit

It’s been several months since one of Taelor’s best friends was over. We didn’t get to see her for Christmas either due to her and her family being out of town. So when I got a call saying they had come back into town, it was all I could do to contain myself. I knew just how much my son had missed his dear friend.

I kept it to myself!

As he got out of bed beaming about some new unicorn toys he had gotten, the door bell rang. Knowing who it might be, I put him down on his feet and nudged him to go check who it might be. Low and behold, it was her – Brynlie! And she had come to visit.

Taelor rushed her inside and gave her a big big hug. She was so happy, squealing and giggling giving us hugs. We were so glad to see her.

She and Taelor had a ton of stuff to catch up on. They talked about everything…from PJs, to fish, to castle talk (of course) to Mr Spud and then unicorns.

I’ll admit, I tuned out for most of it, especially when I went off to make breakfast. We were having pancakes.

I managed to get their attention so they came to the dining table to eat breakfast. After saying grace, they eat up and they both seemed to love it.

It is a mystery to me how they got on the subject of skittles, but I found myself drawn the subject of unicorns and their poop. In case you weren’t aware, Unicorns poop rainbows which taste like skittles, because they eat skittles!

I added a few spins to the talk of Unicorns, and so had to promise to tell them the full story during bed time about how Unicorns came to be in the very first place.

We went to the living room, and that was when Bry got to open her Christmas stocking and presents. We had kept it under the tree on purpose in hopes that we really would see her. Dreams do come true.

After she got her presents, it was time for bed. Taelor was already doing his Taetornod. Yup! I’m calling it that from now on. My butterfly is so used to his schedule that he just can’t help himself and will start nodding off 15 minutes before he ought to be fully tucked under.

We invited Bry to sleep over! It was kinda nice to do so. Taelor hasn’t had anyone sleep over in a long while.

Together, we said bed time prayers, and after that I told the riveting story about how Unicorns came to be. Perhaps one day I’ll turn it into a book and share with you all.

They didn’t last long awake. In no time Taelor went to sleep, and then so did Bry.

Good night, angels.

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