Tae and I woke up bright and early today.

It was a lovely day. Not biting it freezing, but still quite cold. At least cold enough for him to deserve a brand new coat. This of course was after we picked out his outfit for our family portrait in a few days and also had lots of random chit chat about brushing our teeth so we don’t turn into bears.

A mother’s “Tip of the Day”

Sometimes you may find that telling the occasional white lie to set your child on the straight and narrow is imperative. Stories like how not brushing your teeth can turn you into a bear. And how the tooth fairy won’t take dirty teeth. And so on and so forth. 🙂

Before we set out to get this, I made us some “dinner”. Yummy Kebabs, Mashed potato and corn on the cob, with freshly squeezed orange juice. He loved it, but as always he didn’t quite finish. I keep feeding him like he’s a teenager, but he’s only a little one at 9. He can only eat so much. Still I do enjoy feeding him heartily.

After “dinner” we headed out to the shops to go get him a brand new coat. I hadn’t picked one out, so we just browsed for a bit trying on a few as we went along. He liked most of them, but he wasn’t too blown away by them so we kept on looking. That is until we spotted one that was very plush!

Oh yes…this little Yellow coat had a hoodie, a belt and the feeling was like being cased in a feather duvet that was enclosed in 2000 thread count Egyptian cotton! Talk about plush and the perfect luxurious feel! These were the selling points for me at least. But my son? He squealed endlessly on the sheer yellowness of it. That was all that mattered. So like any doting mother who spoils her only child consciously like I do….WE GOT IT!

Talk about a happy camper! He beamed and I carried his other coat since he wanted to wear his shiny new one *laughs*

My brother Shakespeare had been kind enough to send us information to this lovely place called Candyland. At least I assumed it’d be. My brother has great taste AND how can anywhere named CANDYland be anything short of lovely?

We went and it was a blast. From the candy flossy fields, to gingerbread house, to sponge rolls, to gummybears, the cupcakes and even bottles of pixie dust dreams, it was magical. Taelor loves happy places like these, and so do I actually. Not sure who was more excited. He brings out the kid in me.

One of the treats we experienced was bumping into these two beautiful unicorns resting. One was white and one was pink. He was so taken with them. We sat for a moment and he chatted to them. Turns out Unicorns can be as old as 500 years old. Yup….older than me, as my son cheekily pointed out. <laughs>

After the chat and further exploring of a cute little windmill, we found a picnic spot just by the lake. There were swans! Taelor was enamored yet again so we sat for a while. After a few seconds, we got so comfortable we decided to snuggle up for a while and gaze at the swans while I told him the story of Rumpelstiltskin. He loved it and we picked apart the moral of the story together.

It’s really times like these that I live for as a mom. Quality time with my son.

After the story we headed home and a few minutes later we had a knock on the door. It was Braie.

Braie had been kind enough to sew a birthday PJ for Taelor, and because of such a thoughtful thing, we kept her in our hearts for Christmas. So it was so nice to see her come to collect her present and meet Taelor officially.

Being that it was Taelor’s time, I had to rush him off to get washed up for bed so he didn’t get too long to bond with her. She quickly went home after Taelor gave her one of his famous warm hugs.

Soon after that, it was bedtime prayers, tuck in and a long sleep good night for the special princess in my world.

Night night, Taelor.

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