Growing up isn’t easy. There comes a time when certain life lessons, or shall we say morals, get rigorously imparted on a young mind.

A mind as young as mine at age 3.

Like every child faced with the quandary of wanting more and more and more, I was faced with many instances of this dilemma.

If I didn’t have something, I wanted it. If I already had it, I wanted the next best version of it.

Now, this isn’t to say it is unwise to strive for better, or improvement. No. However, there is a very thin line between ambition and greed. Between appreciation and jealousy. Most children aren’t disciplined enough to learn how to be content.

It is sad to say that it isn’t just children. Grown ups have the same issue. Sometimes we don’t sit back first to appreciate and be thankful for the things we do have. The realization that there will always be something shiner, newer, faster, better can put one in a vicious cycle of constant acquisition.

However, if looked at differently, it ought to bring a certain kind of peace and comfort to know that no matter what you have, there is always something better in one way or another. And, if so, then slowing down, smiling and experiencing the now and the love of what you have should be the wisest approach.

The state of contentment is truly the happiest place to be in your heart.

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