Sidney came for a visit

It was awfully cold outside. A fresh coating of snow had just finished falling, so we decided to spend the day at home.

As Tae slept, I did some house work. It has been a while since any of the clothes had been ironed and I had such a huge pile to work through, so getting up early to do it while he was asleep was the best way.

I was just nearly done with it when his doors opened.

My butterfly was awake! 😀 ❤

After hugging and squeezing him hello, I went to make us some lunch. We had ribs, with mashed potatoes and corn. Yummy!

It wasn’t long after lunch that we heard a knock on our kitchen door. We looked and guess who it was? SIDNEY! Yay!

Oh Sidney is such a good friend of mine and Taelor also. Taelor just adores him to bits, and is best friends with Sidney’s nephew, Siddy. So when he saw him, he jumped out of his seat and rushed over to give him big huggies and lots of bounces too <laughs>

Sidney came with the most awesome gift for Taelor – a pair of yellow shoes! Tae in his excitement went to go try them on, and soon after also put on his new coat to show Sidney how well they’d matched.

He just looked so adorable!!!

Sidney stayed for a bite, and I broke out a lovely bottle of red wine for him.

After eating up, he goes off to play with TaeTae in his room and help him set out some of his toys from Christmas. While they did that, I took care of the dishes.

It’s simple days like these that make my life the happiest life there is.

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