The 24th of January

Boy does time fly!

A year ago today, a 9 year old boy came into my life as a son. His name is Taelor. Since then my life has been filled with so much joy and fulfillment!

On this day, I didn’t go all out like I normally would to throw a party or do anything outlandish. Instead, I accepted an invitation from friends of ours to come visiting and spend the day together, but first I wanted Taelor and I to have some “us” time. And so off to a cafe we went.

When we arrived there, the owner was outside doing some work or something, so we greeted her and headed in there.

After getting our ham and cheese sandwiches with chips set out on the table, we said grace and ate our food. Taelor had an apple juice in a box with his sandwich and I had milk.

He was really thirsty.

Once we were done eating we headed off to our friends – the Saiyukis – in downtown Tokyo. When we got there, Nobu’s wife and son (Howler), were there waiting to greet us. Mystina wasn’t there yet, but she would soon turn up along with her sister, Jaelle.

Nobu showed us around his home. He had built it and was very proud. It was wonderful. It has a Japanese garden with a dining area. It had a Sakura tree which was stood massively over us with it’s petals dropping all around us. It was beautiful and this was probably our most favorite part of the 3 story home.

On the 3rd floor were great big windows that enabled us look down and see the glorious tree down below.

After a tour of the home, we headed on out to the park down the street. The kids played with the desert-like playground toys, then we danced and laughed together.

Soon after we got our things together and headed out to go on an Adventure to Murassic Park

Being that it was a very well guided tour far away from all harm, it wasn’t fully the adventure that you would expect. However, how often do YOU get to ride a helicopter over a land fraught with carnivorous dinosaurs? Yeah! Exactly 😛

So there we were, all aboard the chopper and being shown the great place with some of natures most dangerous predators. It was a truly majestic sight to behold.

We landed far on another land that was “safe” for humans. It was here that we began the tour on foot, being shown the museum and gift shop. Siddy was able to join us at this point, which totally made Taelor’s day!

We even got awesome Dinosaur hoodies from the gift shop.

Soon we were out there about to begin the adventure…

Will we see any dangerous animals? Will we make it back alive? Will we find chocolate eating dinosaurs?

Stay tuned and find out…


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