Trip to the Book Store

Taelor woke up today. He had a dream about dinosaurs who wanted to eat him! I know, right? How awful! Anyway, he was really brave in his dream. He told me that he mustered up the courage to tell the dinosaurs that they weren’t allowed to eat him, because eating magical creatures is a very bad idea. He convinced the dinosaurs to eat chocolate instead – I think. At least that’s how I remember it.

[Note to self: Write things down right away!]

I sent him off to get dressed so we could have some breakfast and set out in our day.

When he was done I gave him some presents I had gotten him earlier in the day. I had popped down to the drug store for a new toothbrush for him. I got him the “Toy Story” ones with Woody the Cowboy on it. Yeah, I thought it was cute. They were all out of the Princess ones 😦 He went right away to try it out. I also got him a few other things – a puzzle and a book.

For breakfast, we had Bacon and Eggs. Yummy.

After eating we set off to the book store. We saw soooo many MANY books, and bought quite a few to add to his book collection. It was fun shopping for new books, and even reading a few stories while making our decision.

We’ll definitely go back there again. I heard they do story telling every Tuesday. 🙂

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