It’s no surprise that Taelor loves butterflies, after all they are related to fairies. So the other day when we were at the book store and I spotted one of my favorite books as a child, The Hungry Caterpillar, I had to buy it for him knowing the ending. But that didn’t happen till bed time.


We spent the day together at home. It was a simple day, but lovely. He wore a happy “free hugs” outfit, which I love love love.

I had made us a lasagna earlier in the day, so all that I had to do was heat up a piece and voila – ‘dinner is served’!

After dinner we went to the living room for cupcakes and chatted.

I just love speaking with him and giggling. He makes me laugh a lot. I try often to retaliate by tickling him. He’s 9, but never too big to be knee bounced in a game of Rickety Rockety Horse. So I did, and snuck a chance to tickle away.

His laughter is magic.

When bedtime finally came, we said our prayers…

…I got the “The Hungry Caterpillar” book off his almost fully stocked bookshelf…

…then we read the story about the caterpillar together. His dolly, Becky, got a prize place in front row on Tae’s lap to read along too.

It was such a lovely tale. I recommend you don’t read it on an empty stomach or you might get a bit hungry yourself.

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