Our Journey into The Earth

My day was epic! For weeks I had wanted to take my son and his bestfriend/cousin, Siddy, on an adventure to celebrate Siddy’s birthday.

Siddy LOVE dinosaurs, so it was a no brainer that I should pour all my creative efforts towards planning an excursion that would take us in that direction, and since we had already been to a dinosaur museum a few weeks ago, this was the next best thing.

Taelor had woken and gotten dressed by the time I crept into his room to peak on him. He knew it was our day of adventure, so I’m sure he was super excited. Although, I’m sure his excitement was also due in part to the surprise gift he saw by his bedside from his Aunty Catarina.

Before we would go anywhere, we had a few things I needed to tick off first – meal and food shopping.

He was in great spirits and hung around with me in the kitchen as I cooked with his little new friend Captain Carrot. <laughs> He was happy dancin’ little fellow, and unlike most carrots, this one didn’t want to be eaten. He wanted to dance, so dance he did.

For our meal, I had made a delicious beef stew, that had carrots in it, and served with freshly baked homemade cornbread mini-muffins.

As you can imagine, I panicked a little that Taelor might associate the carrots in the stew with the Captain Carrot’s fate in life, and become horrified. To this end, I attempted to clarify that the carrots in the stew had chosen to be the eating kind, but as I set out to clarify this, he said the same thing. Whew! I was relieved he knew the difference and didn’t feel too bad.

He did quickly take his friend away to his room, so that he wouldn’t see the carrots in the stew. I thought that was really thoughtful of him ❤

After this, we went shopping for groceries.

During our shopping, Taelor caught the “Nyan cat” bug with this neat gift we picked up along the way. He was able to burst into musical and colorful sprint at his own whim, and boy did he do just that – all over the place!

<laughs> It was so much fun watching him have a blast while we shopped together.

After shopping we headed home to drop groceries and it was then that Siddy got dropped off for the day. Soon after the giggly huggies and greetings…

…we went on our way, and arrived safely on the docks of this water city. Or so it appeared on the surface.

We walked a bit only to arrive at a very strange machine. It looked like a bus, but the front of it had a massive drill. It was a machine that was clearly created for the sole purpose of drilling deep into the earth’s crust! SUPER AWESOME!

There were a few spare guns by the door, so I grabbed one. You know…just in case. Going so deep into the earth’s crust must mean coming face to face to a few strange and dangerous things, so I had to be prepared.

I got the kids to wear some safety helmets, and then into the vehicle we went!

The ride own was LOUD and BUMPY.

We did get there safely though and in stepping out of the vehicle, we noticed that were in a cave-like structure, thousands of miles deep into the earth’s crust. Liken it to the insides of an ant hill, with thousands of paths and tunnels – it was surreal!

So our journey continued. We hiked deeper into the tunnels together. Sometimes I carried Taelor and sometimes he walked. It was such a long hike, but it was amazing. The cave sometimes looked crystal, and other times looked dry with hundred of giant stalactites hanging down. We even came across volcanic terrain, and spotted several fossils and bones along the way. It became a must that we collect them all. Thankfully, I had a bag with me to put them in as we collected.

I would be lying if I said the journey was without major event. We were attacked several times by creatures. I couldn’t tell you what they were even if I tried. They were unlike anything I’d ever seen before and they made the most horrid screechy growls as they chased us. I was able to kill each one before they got to us. Siddy slipped down a secret path, and Taelor and I had to go after him. Boy was it scary down there, but we pulled together and made it out whole – together.

We finally reached a dead end and it was then that the LARGEST monster cornered us and attacked. The only way out was up, and so we noticed there was a huge piece of rock blocking what seemed like a passage for a geyser that wasn’t as inactive as one would expect. Judging from the increased trembling beneath us and the steam forming all around, we figured it’d be our best bet to sit on it and hope the geyser would be forceful enough to get us up and outta there. But meanwhile, we were under attack.

I had been shooting for minutes as we stood on the rock praying for the boost to come soon. The kids pulled out their toy guns, and believe it or not but they were very effective. It bought us some time to change into wet suits, as it was inevitable that being so deep in the earths crust, we were unlikely to make it out of the ocean. Thankfully, we had oxygen tanks with us, so I fitted mine and then the kids, while alternating with the shooting.

Finally, the force hit from below and up Up UP we went!

As I expected, we burst through a hole at the bottom of the sea with such force! I was so glad we were alright and not at all harmed. Soon as we could see through all the bubbles, we swam and headed to an underwater structure that was glass and well lit up. I could see in there and saw there was furniture. It seemed like a good bet so the kids could rest a bit, so I waved for them and swam along side them in the direction.

I could see the stairs as we approached the structure, and as we got near two mermaids circled around us! At first I was startled and freaked out for a moment.

Now, Taelor being who he is and in love with mermaids, was very friendly with them. He tried to touch them on occasion and even handed them one of his fossils. I, of course, watched them like a hawk and smiled when they responded with song. It was the best amazing sound you could hear underwater. The kids and I were mesmerized and waded in the water watching them spin and play and sing.

After they swam off we headed up the steps and pushed up the hatch into the structure. I got the kids in quick and we then got to drop all the oxygen tanks and masks. <EXHALES> That first deep breathe was heavenly!

We went through the structure, exploring it. It was like an underwater lab, We saw samples of all sorts of fish and underwater creatures. Tons of beakers and notes everywhere. It was such an interesting space, with very interesting old looking furniture.

We even saw two sea creatures fighting with each other underwater. It was such an awesome sight to behold.

As we made our way to another part of the structure we saw a submarine bay and even went inside. It was a bit small and cramped, but it was definitely fit for purpose for a few marine scientists to go exploring.

After climbing out of the submarine, we looked around some more and discovered there was a way out of it without us having to get back into the water to swim to the surface. YAY!

The EXIT! It was a glass tube-shaped tunnel.

Finally, we got out and headed home in our wet suits. The moment we got home, I got the kids out of their sea water smelling suits and had them both immediately get into the bath for a scrub.

I washed their hair and soon they both smelled like yummy strawberry shampoo!

It was well past bed time by now, but Taelor wanted to give Siddy a present we had gotten him. It was in his wardrobe, so he went to go get it for him. It was a dinosaur book and some other cool bath toys for him to play with during bath times.

After that, Tae and Siddy gave big good night hugs to one another….

…after that, Taelor went off to bed, and Siddy went to play on the couch with his dinosaur toy. It wasn’t long before he too fell asleep.

What a day we had. It was as fantastic as it was exhausting!


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