Taelor goes to the dentist

“Be true to your teeth and they won’t be false to you.”

~Soupy Sales

When I was growing up, my mother would always police us day and night about our teeth…
“Go brush your teeth!”, “Did you brush your teeth?”
and “Don’t forget to brush your teeth!”

She was relentless, and I have her to thank for my dentition today. Considering just how many sweets and chocolates I’ve eaten in my life, I should have no teeth left. Yet, that is not the case because I brushed brushed brushed…just like momma told me.

So with my son, I feel just as responsible for his dentition as momma was for mine. I try to make sure he brushes daily for his sake, and for the tooth fairy’s too since she likes the pretty white clean teeth the best.

Like a typical 9 year old, he forgets to brush a lot, but he’s very good at going to do it right away when reminded.

Today, however, we would do a little more than just brushing.

I had booked some time with a dentist for a check up, but first….BREAKFAST.

We had just some berry granola cereal and apple juice – Taelor’s favorite drink. I hadn’t told him we’d be going to the dentist, because I didn’t want to alarm him or cause him to spend hours worrying and dreading it.

Once the meal was over, I put his lovely brunette into pigtails, then broke the news to him that we were going to the dentist.

His reaction? “Oh wow“.
I think perhaps he went into a little bit of shock.

He didn’t say much till we got there and he held my hand outside and began to ask if he was okay and whether it’ll hurt. He hadn’t ever been to the dentist before, but he seemed to have some preconceived notions (as we all do) that the dentist is an awful place to have to go.

I did my best to calm him and assure him that it was only routine to make sure everything was good. It seemed to work mildly, so we entered the office.

It was a small, but nice and cozy little office space. We were welcomed by the dentist (Promise Fallen) who took some details, and entertained a lot of questions from my worried little Taelor. Her answers seemed to put him further at ease, so he gave one of his bright happy smiles. I guess that’s why the place is named that – Happy Smiles.

She ushered us to the inner office and asked Taelor to lay in the big blue chair. I am glad I was allowed to be in there with him, so I could help him into the chair and hold his hand while we waited for the dentist to finish washing her hands and getting herself ready with gloves to examine him.

During the check up, I was right there watching him, smiling, making faces and wiggling my hands at him. He did a great job saying AHHHHH and being still for the dentist.

Fortunately, all of his teeth looked great. He has a few milk teeth still hanging on and apparently a molar is coming in, so he MAY start to feel a bit of pain and discomfort soon. Hopefully not, but the term “Growing Pains” didn’t come from thin air.

After the examination, he rinsed his mouth then said a big thank you to her and set off on our way home.

We did stop by my sister Catarina’s house for a moment to say hello. They had just moved into a new house, so we wanted to give our regards quickly.

The visit was short and soon after, we were home and Taelor was in the bathroom freshening up for bed time.

Soon as he came out, we said our bed time prayers and I tucked him into bed. He had been so brave today. I was so proud of him. As I stayed longer and watched over him he was fell asleep, that feeling only grew bigger and bigger.

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