Taelor’s new budgie buddy

Today I had a job interview! That’s right, you heard correctly.

Recently, I’ve been looking for opportunities to branch out a bit and expand my world a teeny bit. So I asked the Oakdale call, and attended an interview to teach Food and Nutrition AND Etiquette.

After a short drive from my sister’s home to the office for the interview, I met with the Superintendent who was a nice lady and very pleasant interviewer.

When it was over, I left and got home just in time to get lunch ready for Taelor. We were havin’ burgers – his favorite. I set things out for lunch and soon we were chowing down to our delicious meal.

My sister, River, had called me while I was cooking to insist I either send her nephew to her to play with or bring myself along. <laughs> I have to say, Taelor is so lucky to have Aunties who love and pine over him. His Aunty River is one of Taelor’s biggest fans. She always asks about him and she is genuinely always happy to see or be seen by him. Fortunately, Taelor absolutely adores his Aunty River also. So after her call “demanding” for her nephew’s time in her lovingly bossy sisterly way, how could I refuse her?

Lunch happened quickly, then we went off to River’s new home.

When we arrived, River greeted us by the door with big hugs and showed us around. She had a few new pets besides her fully grown dogs. She showed us her new pet birds in a lovely pink cage. Her new home was fantastic and very warm. There was such an awesome pouring in of light into the family home, and the rooms looked great. She even had an outdoor dining area, as well as a lounge area with fireplace. It was awesome!

After the tour and a quick bathroom break for Taelor, River informed us that she wanted us to go for a drive. And so we did, with her. We arrived at the spot and you won’t believe it…she wanted to buy Taelor a new pet – a budgie. How sweet, right???

So she handed Taelor a wad of cash in his little hands, and had him march up to the counter and ask for the bird he wanted the most, along with a cage and some other lovely accessories and toys for the bird. He was so pleased and got himself a budgie.

As his bed time drew near, we said our goodbyes and parted ways. Soon as we got home, he took his budgie from it’s carrier and put it into his bright yellow cage, right next to ‘Spot’ (his goldfish).

He didn’t get to name him yet, because it was already late and I wanted him to settle down to get into bed. So instead, we said bedtime prayers,

I tucked him in and then I promised him that tomorrow he would get to name his budgie anything he wanted.

Night night, butterfly ❤ 🙂

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