Spring and Coco

Taelor woke up full of his usual excitement this lovely Sunday morning. We looveee the weekend. It gives us so much time to spend together doing all sorts of things. This weekend was no exception, and after giving him big warm hugs he quickly went to say G’morning to his new pet.

We had just gotten him the day before. It was a gift from his Aunty River. After thinking for a short while, he decided to name it, “Spring” because of the lovely green feathers on its chest and belly. I thought it was such a lovely name, and very apt since Spring is round the corner and the bird sings so sweetly.

After playing with it, we decided we would have pizza for dinner. So we embarked on making it together. I just LOVE cooking with my little helper. We had a few packs of delicious mozzarella cheese and another pack that was a mix of cheddar and mozzarella, along with dough I had made earlier in the day and some tomato sauce.

Tae did great punching at the dough. He did get a little tired, and as hitting things isn’t something he considers fun, I could tell he would much rather sprinkle the cheese than beat up the dough. Be that as it may, he did great and soon we had a perfect dough that was now laid out nice and thin. As he did that, I sliced the pepperoni into thin pieces and smeared the tomato sauce over the dough when he was done. After which, we laid the pepperoni over the pizza and then I opened the cheese packs, handed him one and that is when the cheese rain began!

He sprinkled cheese all over it with glee!

Soon it was ready to go into the oven and so it did. I usually don’t let him touch the oven when it’s on, but today I decided to supervise him checking the pizza and stood near as he opened the oven door and looked into it at the pizza.

It was done! And so we dined like Queen and Princess! ❤

After dinner, I got changed and then decided to put some red bows in his hair to match his dress. He looked even cuter with it on and matching.

Off we went into the town. Today was the day we would find a stable for Coco, Taelor’s horse. He had received it as a gift from his cousin for Christmas. We went looking all over and found none that would let us keep him. We drove and drove about…

We even asked a police officer along the way, but no success.

So we headed back home quickly. I had to have one built for him right there by the house. We may very well move him soon, but for now, Coco will remain right by our house. Near enough to get some love and attention from his owner.

Coco seems really happy in his new home.

After that long day of searching and running around, it was bed time. He wore one of his favorite (and mine too) nighties, and it was clear he was iching to start wearing night gowns again. Oh if only spring would come soon.

Before tucking him in, Taelor finished a puzzle he had been working on – the My Little Pony jigsaw puzzle.

How amazing!

We said our prayers and soon after, he was tucked in and being smooched and watched over till he fell asleep.

It didn’t take long. He was really tired. It had been a busy, but lovely day.


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