Brynlie’s Surprise Birthday visit

Taelor is friends to everyone he meets. It’s just his nature. Even people that make him feel uncomfortable, he always finds a space for friendship for them in his heart. It’s one of the things I love about him.

However, besides his cousins (who also are his friends), he has a small circle of best friends. One of them just so happens to be little Brynlie. So when her birthday was upon us, it was a no-brainer that we would make a little fuss over her.

The day began with me waking up at 5am and making a cake. I let it cool for a few hours then iced and decorated it just before Taelor woke up. We then sat down together and blew up balloons before popping on party hats and holding some of the balloons in preparation for Bry’s arrival.

I had asked Bry to swing by for something totally unrelated, so what we were preparing was bound to be a big surprise.

Just as we finished putting the candles on the cake, which we had placed on a stool in the living room, we heard the pitter patter of tiny feet bounding up the steps to our front porch.

The door was already cracked open and just as she pulled it to come in, we yelled a hearty “Surprise”, greeting her and giving her tons of hugs.

I think she was surprised alright! 🙂 ❤

We talked a bit about cake and how even though it wasn’t a Saturday, they could have a piece of the birthday cake. After all Birthdays were special days. The kids made very good arguments about how cake should be allowed everyday aka none-birthday days. I tried to explain how dangerous that could be for their tummies and their teeth, but they wouldn’t buy it unless the president said so.

Well then, I had to make a few calls and soon they were on the phone to the president who told them that their teeth would fall out. <giggles> I did my best not to burst into laughter as my friend Henry faked being one of the past Presidents in a bid to help me enforce some sugar discipline. He did tell them they could eat the cake since it was a Birthday day (like I had said) but that they would need to brush their teeth. After all, the tooth fairy only deals with perfectly clean and pearly white baby teeth. So with the go-ahead, they dove into their huge cake slices. 🙂



I finished my slice quickly and then slipped away to the kitchen. As they munched on their cake, I heated up the left over pizza from yesterday. Just cause they get to eat cake doesn’t mean I’ve gone insane and they aren’t meant to eat REAL food with some nutrients! <laughs> Not so fast.

So when they had enough cake, I had them come into the dining room, said Grace then they had a bit of salad with a single pizza slice.

After that, we returned to the living room so that Bry could open her Birthday presents from us. We had gotten her some bathroom toys, a little pony jigsaw puzzle (like the one Taelor has) AND a book. Not just any book, but a book about one of her favorite creatures – RAINBOW FISH!

We were glad to have shared this day with her, and we were very glad that she was able to sleep over. So after all the excitement died down, I sent them both to the bathroom to wash up and change into PJs.

Soon as they were changed, we said night night prayers and right after I tucked them both into bed.

So adorable. Good night, angels. ❤


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