I “Zrbtt” you

If you’re an 80s child who spent their waking hours watching The Cosby Show like I did, chances are you’ll know right away what a zrbtt (or zerbert) is…{watch this to know}

My son, however, being just 9 had no idea. But that all changed by the end of the day <chuckles> 😀

His hamsters needed to be put in their cages. He had gotten them for Christmas, but they were still cramped up in their boxes. So today he freed them and put them out next to his pet fish, Spot, and pet budgie, Spring.

Our living room is slowly turning into an animal haven! 😀

Taelor's animal haven

Taelor’s animal haven

I will have to tell my siblings to stop giving him gifts in form of animals for like a year! <laughs>

After he was done with his hamsters we had a quick lunch of Chicken and Waffles. Taelor is always stumped by who came up with that idea. The 2 times he’s had it, he is astonished all over again. It’s so amusing to listen to his questions and ideas about food.

I explained what Savory foods were and what sweet foods are also. I even tried to explain why they do go together. Somehow we ended up talking about how Broccoli should be made into a sweet dish, preferably covered in chocolate so he could eat it! Oh yes. If you talk to my son long enough about food, it’ll always boil down to everything being covered in chocolate!!! 😀


After the meal, I wanted to take him shopping. With spring fast approaching, it was gonna be necessary to get him ready even though the child has 100,000,000 clothes in his wardrobe. What can I say, I love to spoil him.

So with credit card in hand, we went off to one of his favorite stores – Vicarious Youth. On arriving we saw this awesome balloon ride/game. We both took one!

Each time we bumped into each other or anything at all, a balloon would pop. So I said whoever looses (i.e. looses all of their balloons before the other person) gets to be zrbtted by the winner! <giggles> Taelor agreed to this after I explained what a zrbtt was – the poor dear.


After all the shopping and endless bumping into things – I WON!!!

Okay I know it sounds horrible for me to not have let him win, but let me explain first! I never win any race with Taelor, ever! <laughs> The boy has nitro boosters in all his shoes and he never waits till the full count of 3 before he runs when we’re doing a race! Sooooo, before you judge me, let me just say this again – I WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!! <laughs and dances>

We got home and it was bed time. He changed into PJs and we said bed time prayers.

You won’t believe he even mentioned his eminent zrbtt to God in prayer. It was all I could do not to laugh. It sounded a little like he was hoping for some divine help. That was so cute, and for a moment I almost changed my mind.

Alas, that moment passed quickly and before he knew it I scooped him up and put him on his belly so he wouldn’t be able to ward me off with his hands and TICKLED HIM!!!

The squeals and screams that came out of him! He has some set of pipes on him, lemme tell ya! But I persisted. His giggles were so contagious and soon I was laughing while still tickling him. I then leaned back and put him in the air with my legs holding him up and supporting with my hands. It was like this that I reached up and blew a bit LOUD zrbtt on his bare belly.


It was the ULTIMATE tickle ZRBTT! It sounded like a bad fart! I did it so many times on his belly and he was in hysterics with laughter, giggles and flailing hands – everywhere! ❤ 😀

Parental Tip

If you intend to perform the “ultimate” zrbtt on a child, make sure you have a groin guard (if you are male) as it induces hysterical laughter and uncontrollable flailing arms and legs!

I finally brought him back down to me, pulled him into my lap and hugged him tight.

It took a while for his giggling to settle down as I was tucking him into bed. I just love his laughter and it fills me with joy when he’s full of it.

That night, he slept with a big smile on his face, and as I watched over him purring away in his sleep, I knew that he would have nothing but happy dreams.


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