My Special Valentine’s Day Card

The other day Taelor said to me “Mommy, I’m making you a surprise!” Now, being a devoted parent, I never stop to ponder whether or not my son has given or made me anything. So just learning this made me well up in a real way. My son is so thoughtful! Even though I had spent over a week scripting and making his gifts for this special day, I never once thought he would be making something for ME! I was touched! And suddenly, I couldn’t wait for Valentines day, but here it was.

I had been outside dusting the cushions on the porch when I heard his door open. So I headed inside and as I entered I saw my son dressed up as a VALENTINE’s DAY CARD!

He said he didn’t know how to write down how much he loved me in a card, so thought that if he made himself into a card, he could just tell me! <faints from cuteness overload> I felt so overwhelmed with blessings. I had to pick him up and give him a great big squeeze!

He then took my hand and pulled me into my room, where there was BIG gift box for me on top of the trunk at the foot of my bed. I sort of panicked, because I had hidden his gifts INSIDE of said trunk and I hoped to heavens that he hadn’t seen them.

I opened my gift and heavens!!! It was a plant of hearts! WOW. I was so happy and what made it better was that the flowers emitted a special kind of pollen. Not the kind that makes you sneeze, or no! It emitted lovely plump love hearts and it filled our space. It also had a balloon on it that was big and red with two swans on it. Swans just like the ones int he story I told him once about swans. <beams> I just simply LOVED IT ❤ ❤ ❤

It’s now sat PROUDLY on a shelf in my room! <beams>

Now it was his turn. Taelor didn’t know this but I had been working hard on his gift for like 2 weeks. I made a card from scratch, wrote a poem for the card, bought him a lovely book from our favorite book store and finally, I created a diary for him. The diary had pictures of him sticking out, a photo of Doctor Lollipop (the unicorn), and stuck to it were little bits of his favorite things. It also WORKS like a diary. He’s able to write and keep his thoughts and ideas in it if he wants. I really wanted to make this for him, because as a shy child, it’s nice to have other ways to put out your thoughts. That, and the diary is super cute.

Oh yes…I was excited, and nervous too. I just hope he’d like it.

So I ushered him to the living room, and there I proceeded to give him his gifts. First the card…

…then the book…

…and finally, the diary!

He welled up like I did too when he got the card, and as for the rest, I think he loved them as much as the card. <beams>

After the gift giving, he went off to his room to put his gifts away on the table.

While he was there, I got a delivery of a single rose from my darling brother, Shakespeare. How nice!

When Tae came back out, I had made him a lovely ham and cheese sandwich with a side of chips. I ate up some of the left overs from the day before 🙂

After dinner, I went to change clothes, and as I did, Tae went to the toilet and then settled down to entertain himself by playing the piano.

I did come to join him to play the piano.

After that we went on outside and then out for a day of shopping!

The day came and went quickly, but at the end of it it dawned on me that in our world as the Mistwallow family, it’s Valentine’s day everyday.

What is it like in your world?

Happy Valentines Day. ❤ ❤ ❤

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