Happy Birthday to Me!

Today was my RL birthday. To be honest, I didn’t really think about it prior to today, because it’s been at least 10 years since I celebrated my birthday.

In my life, I guess I make it a point to celebrate others, and am not too well acquainted with what it’s like to be celebrated. So you can imagine just what a shock it was to me as my day unfolded.

It began with me cleaning the windows and getting some gunk off the air-conditioning units outside. I had woken up early and found that winter was breaking and spring was knocking on our door, so I figured that I would take advantage of the good weather to do some outside-house work.

I had just got done kicking some dirt off my shoe when my son came outside of the house already dressed up in the prettiest pink dress ever. He gave me the warmest hug, and I quickly picked him up to squeeze. I just LOVE hugging him so tight!

There was a clip in the “My Little Pony” movie (1986) that I LOVE LOVE LOVED as a child. I watched it all the time. The part where the bushwoolies popped out of the ground to celebrate Spring being here. I shared that with him, and he loved it too. After giggling about that Taelor said to me “Mommy…guess what!” And so I said “42”. <giggles>

He always teases me saying “42” is the answer to everything, thanks to him having watched a “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”, so it was nice to return the favor for once <chuckles>.

Soon after he did tell me that he has a surprise for me, but that it was in my room. This was peculiar because it wasn’t Valentine’s day anymore and to be honest, I didn’t think he’d have remembered my birthday let alone see what he did next.

I scurried quickly into the house…

…then into my room, and as I opened my door, it gave way to this:


HE made me a birthday sign, blew up at least 100 balloons and made a very pretty mess in my room. He also had a box with a gift just for me. I opened it and it turned out to be purple heart-shaped earrings he MADE by himself, just for ME. I was so happy I was wearing the necklace he got me for my birthday last year. Putting them both on at the same time not only looked good, but was pride inducing and felt like the most invaluable moment for me. He is just SO thoughtful!!

As if that wasn’t enough, he said that he had something in the fridge for me, so I quickly went off to the kitchen and looked in and found this:

CHOCOLATE! My favorite. Our favorite! I still dunno how he did it. It was beautiful and tasted great. I was so happy and felt so loved and special. It’s nice to be remembered in a real way. Meant the world.

Before we cut the cake, I had to get him some proper food first. He hoped he would have chocolate cake for breakfast, but thankfully all the happiness hadn’t caused me to loose my mind to allow that to happen. <laughs>

I made eggs and bacon, and while he was eating, I was on the phone to my brother Shakespeare and one of my sisters, River. They both were equally pleased with Taelor’s gesture.

My sister, River, decided to pop over on her way to cheer-leading practice, to see what he had done. Suffice it to say, there were joyful screams coming straight out of her gullet! She didn’t stay long.

When she left, I pulled the cake out of the fridge and put it on a cake stand on the kitchen island.

I then got out the box of candles and began assembling them around the cake, with my little helper – Taelor. He asked how old I was, and so I decided to stick to the little fib I told him a while ago about being 100 years old. That meant I would be turning 101 years old today <laughs> He nodded, and then suggested that we put as many candles as possible since we didn’t have enough for 101. Good plan!

My sister came back around after her practice. Then I made a wish after they sang beautifully for me.

I felt really special and loved. While still basking in the glow of that warm attention from them, I had to still prompt Taelor to get ready for bed, albeit reluctantly. He hugged his Aunty goodnight and ran along to get washed up and into PJs.

River left soon after and I went in to get him into bed. We said bed time prayers first and I was full of thanks to the Lord for such kindness and blessings shown to me on this special day in my life.

After which I hugged Tae so tight. I was filled with joy and it was hard putting him down. Alas it was now past his bed time, so I tucked him into bed and watched over him till he drifted off into sleep.

Happy Birthday to Me. ❤ 🙂 ❤

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