I got the job

A couple of weeks ago, I began the interview process for a teaching position at Oakdale High School. Very early today, I snuck out of the house while Taelor was still asleep to do a mock class, which was the final step in the interview process. Guess what? I was offered the job to teach COOKERY! 😀

I was elated, and with that news I rushed home hoping to make it in before Taelor woke up. I didn’t!

When I walked in, there he was – wide awake and dressed up.

I got him to brush his teeth, since he had forgotten to do it again.

As he brushed, I told him about my new job and he was excited to go see my office. So he went to get on his shoes, then I took him to the school.

After showing him my office, we decided to go celebrate with some breakfast. I tried to find the likes of an IHOP, but was unsuccessful. However, we did find a cool little diner – Cafe Bearnaise.

We looked around and then soon had a seat.

Taelor had the cheese and egg sandwich. He really enjoyed it.

They didn’t have any especially celebratory drinks, so I decided to wave my rule about sweets only on Saturday and suggested that we go home and make milkshakes.

Tae was so excited about that idea. When we got home, he wanted Chocolate and Strawberry shake mixed together. <laughs>

We got to making it, since we had all the ingredients at home – luckily. It was so much fun doing it together. In no time we had a deliciously frothy chocolate strawberry shake.

After that he got his teeth brushed and changed for bed time after using the potty. We said bed time prayers and I tucked him in for the night.

It was a good day. I was so glad to have gotten to share it with him.

G’night, butterfly! ❤

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