Nearly Spring Time

Today was amazing. I woke up early to chirping birds and looked outside my window. All the snow had melted. Not even a puddle left behind. I opened my window and stuck my head out to see if it was cold. Fine, it was a bit chilly still, but the sun was shining and I could feel a bit of its warmth inbetween the mildly chilly breeze that was blowing on my face.

Still, I was excited and bounded up. I did laundry and hung out clothes. That was when the back door popped open and someone in his cute little onsey PJ popped his head out and yelled “Happy Saturday!”


We do love our Saturdays! He made his way down to me, so I quickly dropped what was left of the clothes and picked him up so he wouldn’t get the the foot of his onsey covered in grass and mud. I hugged him tight! He was beaming. Not just from my hugs, but from the trees. “The trees are waking up, Mommy”, he said to me. He was right.

Spring is nearly here!

I took him inside and went to the front porch to show him one of the trees who happened to be fully wide awake.

He loved it so much that I suggested he wear his spring headband today. Wiggling about with excitement in my arms, I took him back inside and put him down so he could go get washed up.

I went into the kitchen to start on a ham sandwich when I heard him yell out that the water wasn’t running anymore in the sink.

Drat! And double drat! Being a single mom has its challenges, but I gotta tell you, it was the first time we ever had a plumbing issue. So I had to do my best to figure it out while he got himself dressed up.

I was glad it was only the sink with the issue, because the main pipes appeared to all be visible under the sink. So I tinkered around hoping for the best. I was in there long enough that Tae came to keep me company. He also helped pass me the wrench when I needed it.

In no time, we got it to work! After scrubbing my hands, I thought it’d be a good idea to do his hair. I didn’t do anything fancy. He wanted to wear his hair down today, so I took the curling iron and curled the ends, then with the round hairbrush and blow dryer, I gave his hair that extra curl at the ends including his bangs. It was super cute, especially when I put back the hair band.

After that, we went to the kitchen to put his sandwich plate, apple juice and three serviettes on a tray.

I figured with the weather being so nice today, we ought to take advantage and eat outside. He got on a cardigan for that of course.

The meal was lovely. He gave me half of his sandwich.

We then got ready to go out for the day. I wanted us to do some more shopping for spring. We couldn’t find a lot of cardigans in his size during our search. It was very frustrating. But just as we were going to give up. we found a lovely cardigan a store that I shop at for myself. Fortunately, they had one his size and he even picked a color that I have.

All in all, it was a successful cardigan finding mission, and I was tickled pink that in some way, he looked a little like me in that cardigan when I draped it on his shoulder. <beams>

When we got home, I took pictures of him in our front yard.

After which, I asked him to get ready for bed early so we could sit up for a while and read a story together. He LOVES story time!

When he was dressed in PJs, we said our prayers then I picked him up and we stared at his collection till he picked what he wanted us to read.

He wanted to hear the story about “The Little Mermaid”, and so we got snuggled up and comfy in his bed then I began to read it.

What an exciting tale. By the time it was done, he was yawning but still smiling from the happy ending. I tucked him in and in no time, he was fast asleep and looked so peaceful as he did.

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