The Boogah Sharks

When I was  a child, I was rarely sick. But whenever I was, my mom would go out of her way to make sure I didn’t lift a finger or go unattended for even a moment. She was with me through it all. I had a sick buddy in her, even though she was well.

Getting out of bed was forbidden. Listening or watching anything that wasn’t fun and happy, like cartoons or comedies, was forbidden. Walking about was forbidden. Being sad was forbidden. And it worked. I always felt special, loved and willed into being better by her devoted effort to making sure I was rested, nourished and in good company and mood.

I remember telling myself that I would be just like my mommy when I grew up.

Taelor isn’t well. He’s got a cold, and is sniffling all over the place. His precious little nose is pink and though he’s being a good little sport about it, I can’t help but feel the way my mom felt towards me many many decades ago when I too was 9 years old.

When he woke up and got himself all dressed (even with his pretty unicorn necklace and bracelet), I quickly scooped him off the floor and right then and there told him that today would be a day of rest. Starting with his little feet.

As I carried him into the living room and placed him on the couch, I told him that he could stay there while I whip him up some tomato soup and something of a treat for him, grilled cheese. He had picked the couch and not his room, so that this way he could hear me near by.

It was a good idea! But there were rules 🙂

The floor, which seemed like hard wood, was really a sea. The sea is filled with little boogah lovin’ sharks called “Boogah Sharks”. They loved little children with colds, because of the boogahs and tiny cold germs crawling all over them. They love them so much that they’d eat him up if he got off the couch!

He looked at me as if I was loopy, but then quickly moved his feet away from the floor. He asked why they would eat him, so I had to explain that they just absolutely love love loooovvee boogahs and since he’s got them, they’ll do everything to take them from him. Boogahs go away eventually all by themselves, but the sharks will do their best to take them even if that meant biting. So while the boogahs are still deciding when to leave, he has to try not to get his little toes eaten by the hungry boogah sharks. Stay on the couch!


Now you’re probably thinking me silly to have done that, but I remember my mom doing the same for me. It turned being sick into a fun exciting adventure and I was never down. When I was feeling a little better, I would sit on my bed or couch and yell at the sharks telling them how I’m gonna get rid of the boogahs all by myself, and that I didn’t need them to eat me just to get rid of them for me! I would play jumping off the couch then running back to it just in time to get away from a boogah shark that was chasing me. I would sometimes let the shark get me then scream just so my mom can come pick me up and fight off the sharks and kiss my toes.

With so many lovely memories, it was without any hesitation that I would do this with my precious son. Unlike me at his age, he stayed off the floor and kept a look out for the sharks, all the while I was getting the meal ready.


When I returned from the kitchen, I asked him about his teeth, and as you can guess – he had forgotten. So I picked him up and we went to the bathroom. There I took a hot cloth and wiped his bunged up nose, soothing it gently. After his nose was cleared up, I placed him on the stool to brush his teeth. No sharks in the bathroom or his room. Those were the safe places to be – for now. *smiles*

After brushing, I picked him back up and braved it into the living room.

I gasped at the many boogah sharks there were on the floor. Thankfully they weren’t after me. I had no boogahs to give them. So I pushed past them, despite their snapping, and put him on the couch where he curled his feet up safely from them.

Once we had said grace, he began munching on his tomato soup and grilled cheese. We chatted as he ate up. “Did you ever realize that a little bit of tomato soup and a bit of grilled cheese in your mouth at once tastes a bit like pizza?” I said. With that, Taelor dipped a bit of his sandwich into his soup and popped it in his mouth – He agreed 🙂 It did taste kinda like pizza.

We chatted a bit about our week ahead. Hopefully he’ll be feeling better tomorrow, but for now at least he had managed to eat almost all his food.

I decided that he would have an early night. After all, boogahs go away when you get lots of rest!

After checking the coast was clear, I picked him up and took him back to the bathroom. He was aware that I would be right outside the door, so once he was done he would have to call out and I’ll come and carry him out. After all, I don’t want the sharks to get him!

So he did. He called out and I returned to pick him up.

In his room, we knelt for bedtime prayers. I said it today and was so glad I got to pray for him, after all in reality God is watching over him a lot more than I can ever do.

After praying, I hugged him tight and got him straight under the warm, snuggly duvet. I wanted him to rest, so instead of us reading together like we usually do, I decided that I would read a story to him.

It was entitled the Gingerbread Man. It was a very lovely story with a butterfly hero in it. Kinda like Taelor – my hero. ❤

After the story, I tucked him in properly and smooched his face after dabbing his nose with some aloe moisturized tissues by his bed side.

I just hope he can get a good night sleep with his cold. With any luck he’ll be feeling better tomorrow.

Sweet dreams, my precious gingerbread boy. Mommy loves you. ❤


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