My Little Helper

My son has always been the type to jump in and give a helping hand, no matter what I’m doing. I could be cooking or cleaning. Or I could even be dreaming about what I’d like to do, and my Taelor would pitch in with the hopes of helping. Re-opening my orphanage was no different.

About a year ago, I ran an Orphanage. Being a labor of love, I poured everything into it, my time included. It was how I met my son, and look at us now – 1 year, 1 month and 14 days later. ❤

I have been hoping to re-open it for many months, but I didn’t get a chance to till our dear friend Siddy showed a good support boost with some other ideas that I can’t share yet with you *zips lip and giggles*

Anyway, recently I got on the work wagon and in just a week, it was nearly done.

Taelor chipped in with awesome ideas to incorporate into the place. But first, I showed him around to see what I had done while he was asleep.

I showed him the yard and then the bathroom. I did have to do some plumbing work while I was in there, but Taelor was right there with me – helping!

Taelor came up with the brilliant suggestion that we ought to have a latch on the inside of the bathrooms, that way people can have privacy while on the potty!

Now that’s such an obvious idea, but how come no one ever thinks about that? Well…my son did. And so I contacted the creator of the doors and he was very helpful and willing to drum up a solution for us to support our efforts. Now, knowing how much scripters charge for their efforts, it’s hard to not see that kind gesture was pure favor from God. 🙂

After showing him around, I headed back home. We needed to run errands later for the orphanage and for the house, but first things first…Gotta feed my child!

I sent him off to go and brush his teeth – yep, he had forgotten to again. He also went on to care for his animals – Spot, Spring and the hamsters. As he was doing all that, I was heating up some dinner. We were having beef soup and corn bread muffins.

He came out to keep me company as I finished cooking, then we moved on to the dinner table where Grace was said before we ate – It was DELICIOUS!

As we ate, I decided to tell Taelor a little bit about my plans for the near future. In RL, I’ve signed up to volunteer at a hospice. I explained what I’d be doing, which is basically visiting and perhaps vigils with those very near the end of their life. We talked a little about it, and I could clearly see that it was making him sad. Taelor isn’t a fan of the subject of <spells> d.e.a.t.h, and I know that. But still, because it’s a part of life, I try to still lightly tell him about it and remind him about God’s promise to us after death in hopes that it might be of some comfort. We also talked about how beneficial it is that they at least won’t pass on alone.

He still was a bit down, so I picked him up and held him for a little while to comfort his precious little heart. It seemed to work a bit, and we then got back to eating our dinner.

After dinner, we got our matching jackets on and went on out on the town to run many errands.

While we were out shopping, I secretly got Taelor some cool things for his fish – Spot’s – bowl. So when we got home and I gave it to him, he was so surprised. He gave me a really big hug, and then went ahead to put in the new goodies into the bowl.

After my delicious huggies, I sent him off to get washed up and ready for bed.

We prayed for the people in hospice and for each other. It was beautiful. I’m so thankful to the lord for life – his life and mine.

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