French Toast

The locksmith has just left. He had come to help me with our new doors, so I was on the orphanage plot next door. It was then that Taelor strolled up.

He had woken up and gotten dressed up while I was out there dealing with the locksmith. Luckily we were done, so I got to focus all of my time where it needed to be – on my son, Taelor. 🙂

It was breakfast anyway, so we headed on home to get some. When I got there, I felt like we ought to have a treat after all soon, we’d be re-opening our orphanage and we’d worked hard these past few days. So despite it not being a Saturday, I decided we could have a sweet breakfast – FRENCH TOAST.

Taelor helped too. We started out getting all the ingredients out. Taelor grabbed the big jug of milk then the butter, while I grabbed the eggs, sugar and flour. I also put in my secret spices, but it’s a family secret so can’t share that.

With everything set out, we began cooking…

We whisked the sugar with the butter first and then added the eggs and flour to follow. It was really exhausting whisking that sugar and butter. Taelor’s arm got weak in no time, so I took over and handled it. In no time, we had our batter and proceeded to cook it along the bread slices.

As we cooked, we spoke in a french accent. You know? For the french toast? <snort giggles>

It turned out beautifully. I plated up, while Taelor changed into his comfy nighty. Then we sat down to eat it.

Besides all the cooking, it had been a long day and Taelor was already nodding off infront of his meal. So right after, I carried him up, took him to the potty, then we said bed time prayers.

Soon after, I tucked him in and in no time he was fast asleep. I watched over him sleeping for a while, brushing his hair away from his forehead.

He’s my everything! ❤


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