Happy Saturday

Last Saturday was yet another happy Saturday for me. I spent the day with my son, and as always we got up to a little bit here and a little bit there.

The construction of the orphanage was finally done, and even the flowers had begun to spring forth and bloom. It seemed a clear sign that things were shaping up to be wonderful. The only thing left was to have the site beside the orphanage built on to accommodate a single person or couple.

The idea of a chalet was brought about when I realized that besides myself, I would love to have someone available to the children of the orphanage if and when I am not there. This meant that I would need to get builders to make a simple but lovely structure fit for purpose, and so part of our day meant we would embark on that search together.

First – lunch!


That morning, I was in the mood for a potato salad, but saw that I had no potatoes at home, so I settled for making myself an egg salad. I made a lot. So when it was lunch time, I asked Taelor what he would like for lunch and mentioned that I had made some egg salad, so he said he would love some egg salad but in a sandwich.

So we made some EGG SALAD SANDWICHES together. 😀

After making it and eating them, we left home to swing by the opening ceremony of our friend and doctor’s (Dr. Jakob Mancino) new clinic – Mommy & Me.

It is an amazing facility (gynecology and pediatrics) which caters to both expectant mommies, children and anyone (child or adult) with medical needs.

After that, we came home to look online for a while for construction companies. Taelor did take a break to play with the drive-able toy train his Uncle Shakespeare had bought for him.

He made train tracks all over the living room in that thing. <laughs>

As evening time came upon us, I had him change into his nighty. He wore this fun frilly gown. I just know he’s been so happy for spring time, so he could sleep in his favorite nighties.

Doesn’t he just look so adorable?

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