The Butterfly Princess meets The Kawaii Overlord

Today I was out and about, on the hunt for a few things for the new orphanage when I bumped into this very adorable and exquisite well formed skin sack of pure cuteness.

The moment I saw it, I squealed and immediately got talking to it. It was a “him”, and he was beautiful.

He rode a UniLlama, carried a baby unicorn, was along side a unigoat…it was a lot to take in visually, but he was draped from top to bottom in CUTENESS!

I told him how much my son loved Unicorns too and how it would mean a lot to be able to introduce him to him.

Besides knowing that my son would be taken over by the sheer cuteness of this Kawaii overlord (being that he is a Kawaii fan himself), I sensed that on other grounds they would have a common relate-able ground that they could relate on – they are both very VERY pretty and beautiful boys.

So the Kawaii overlord agreed, and even agreed to meeting one of me and Taelor’s friends (Mystina) who was also a huge fan.


When Taelor woke up, I was so excited, but I had to hold it together. I wanted it to be a surprise. Well that and 2 other surprises I had for him.

  1. His Aunty River had moved in next door to the Chalet by the orphan’s village, and
  2. I got him a new pair of shoes.

Shhhh! I LOVE giving him surprises!

So once he was fully awake, I handed him his shoes and he was so excited that he put them on right away.

They weren’t his size so I had them readjusted while he showered and got dressed.

We then sat down to breakfast – Berry Cereal. He always loves that cereal <laughs>. I crack up each time I watch him eating it. Sheer entertainment!

After that, I told him how I had met someone earlier that I wanted him to meet, and as I talked about that, we strolled up towards the Chalet so that he could see the new building. On the way, the Kawaii Overlord appeared on her 4 hooved furry friend.

At first, Taelor was really shy but soon they both got to talking and Taelor asked him how he got to be a Kawaii Overlord. Taelor then told him all about how he was the Princess of the Butterflies and it was clear we would be talking for a while if I didn’t interject after a while.

The lovely Kawaii Overlord, left him with a present! He generously left behind the unicorn goat. Taelor was so pleased, and filled with so much joy his butterfly friends appeared to celebrate the moment also. It was truly a magical moment.

The goat is currently grazing away happily and safely in our maze.

We said our goodbyes and walked on. As we approached the Chalet, it was clear someone lived there – but who?? <chuckles>

It was then that the door swung open and a very familiar face greeted us – my sister, Taelor’s Aunty, River! YAY

Taelor hugged her so tight and as they chattered, I took a photo of them whilst purposefully ignoring my sister’s threats to feed him cookies outside of a Saturday.

<SMH>…little sisters can be such a pain <snickers>

It was getting late, so we said goodbyes and made our way back to the house, but stopping along the way to welcome the butterflies, Taelor’s friends, back from their winter holiday.

Spring is really shaping up to be super awesome.

Soon as we got home, I had him wash up and change.

I then tucked the little angel into bed, and he was asleep in no time.

As usual, I stayed long after watching him sleeping peacefully. ❤


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