Taelor’s playdate with Poppy and Sami

It’s been a long time coming. I’d been meaning to drive Taelor over to Poppy’s for a playdate for a few weeks now. Finally some space opened up in the calendar, and we were able to finally make it.

The day began when Taelor woke up and remembered to brush his teeth! <wow!!!> He then put on one of the dresses his Aunty River had gotten him the day before.

It was just so cute. It fit him perfectly, so I didn’t even need to whip out my needle and thread.

I unwrapped one of the egg salad sandwiches I had stored in the fridge, and plated it up for lunch.

After saying Grace and eating up the delicious sandwiches, we were happy, full and ready to head out for the play date with Poppy and Sami,

When we arrived, the kids showed him all over their lovely new home.

I just stood back and let the kids hang out with each other. Poppy gave Taelor some new birdies, and he also got the cutest little puppy.

They also showed him their room – which was such a beautiful and fun place.

After that we headed out and spent some time outside playing in their very well equipped playground. It was so much fun. Poppy and Sami really showed us a good time.

It was so much fun that it was hard to leave when it came to be almost Taelor’s bed time.

Reluctantly, we did leave and soon as we got home Taelor changed into his PJs, we said bedtime prayers and then I tucked him in for the next chapter in the bedtime story I had begun to tell a few days ago – A Tale of Friendship

After reading that chapter, Taelor was already dozing off. I tucked him in gently and watched him sleeping for a while before I snuck out quietly to go to my own room.

Sweet dreams, butterfly.



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