Spring is Born

FINALLY, Spring is here. The first day arrived and we were just so excited. Taelor especially! He loves spring so much that he even named one of his budgies “Spring”. He now has two others.

I had spent that morning early at the office, then headed back in time to be there as he woke up. He got dressed up in a lovely pretty dress. PERFECT for Spring.

We decided that since it was SUCH a lovely Spring day, we’d eat out by the lake. Even though it isn’t yet Summer, I felt it was still worth making Lemonade over. But first, I wanted to change out of my work clothes.

As I changed, I heard the back doors shut. I figured Taelor had gone outside to play. So when I was don’t changing, I snuck around the side of the house and ran behind his tree house to hide. He was playing on the swing.

At first, I was gonna jump out and startle him, but looking at how peaceful he was up there enjoying the breeze and fresh air, I couldn’t bring myself to startle him even if it would have been just for fun.

I guess he heard me shuffling about cause he stopped swinging and yelled out “Who’s there?” Before I knew it I grabbed a pretty yellow flower from the field around me and stuck it out from behind the tree and introduced myself.

“I’m a flower. What sort of flower are you?”

That was the start of the conversation between my son and the would be talking flower named “Daisy”. It was a much better alternative to startling him, I think. As Daisy, I told him how I was a flower, and that I thought he was a pretty flower too, albeit with strange petals and hair. Taelor in turn explained how his petals were his hair and his stem was a dress.

It was truly a lovely chat and as Daisy I asked if he would take me with him. Seemed like a good idea, until Taelor decided he would go as his mom (me) if Daisy, his new talking friend flower, could come with us on our outing for the day.

The moment he set off to ask and was out of sight, I jetted to the front of the house. I jumped over logs and raced faster than I thought I was capable of running. When I got to the front of our house I could see through our french doors that he was at my bedroom door, knocking. Of course, I couldn’t go in, so I stayed out front and picked up a hose to pretend as though I had been out front the entire time.

He found me and asked if Daisy could come. It was so hard to keep my panting from being evident, so I quickly agreed that he could. He left, and again as he went out of sight, I dropped the hose, raced back to the tree house and ducked behind the big trunk just in time for him to return.

After calling out for Daisy, I picked up the fallen flower and restored life to it by jotting it back out from behind the trunk “I’m here!”, I quickly said while hiding my panting.

Taelor informed Daisy of what I already knew “Mommy says you can come if you ask your mommy too”, he said.

And so there I was! Holding up two flowers because of course Daisy summoned her mommy. As Daisy’s mommy, I quickly approved that Daisy go along with Taelor on the promise that he would put her in water by the end of the night. Taelor agreed.

So, there it was. Daisy was going to go and bring her friends along too. I (as Daisy) asked Taelor to close his eyes while she got ready. I took that time to quickly wrap her stems together with a bunch of other flowers (her friends) for company. I tossed the flowers to his feet while he wasn’t looking and cried out (as Daisy), “I’m ready”.

Taelor picked Daisy up and it was then that his Uncle Sidney turned up for a visit. Sidney was stood at an angle to the tree where he could clearly see me, so I mouthed for him to pretend I wasn’t here. He quickly picked up on that, and began talking to Taelor. They get on so well.

Soon Taelor wanted to come find me, so while they went one way to head to the front of the house, I set of in the other direction – sprinting again!

Got there, grabbed the hose again and began spraying the flowers just as they casually strolled round to the front and “found me”.

I was sweating. But thanks to the water spraying, it wasn’t very obvious. I’d done an awful amount of running in one day. Really great exercise. I really should do more of that.

It was great to see Sidney. He told us about his fun travels and we were enamored with all his good news.

Soon after we headed back into the house for me to make that Lemonade. Earlier, Taelor was curious about whether or not the drink companies would be mad about me making my own Lemonade, so I explained that we had rights to make our own drinks. Of course, he brought that up to Sidney. The fact that the law says we had rights, but didn’t have wrongs. <laughs> Sidney was quick to put me on the spot, suggesting to him that I had some wrongs. <laughs>

It was a fun chat. Chain yank and all.

Just as I was done making the Lemonade, Sidney had to leave to catch a plane, so we said our goodbyes to him. We love him a lot. He’s family.

After Sidney left us, we headed on to the dock for that lovely dinner by the lake. It was so peaceful. So serene. The gentle splashing of the tide against the dock, and the sound of the seagull in the far distance. It was clear things truly were springing back to life.

It was special.

After dinner, I figured it would be great to have an early night, so I’d get to finish the last 3 chapters to the book I had been reading with Taelor – A Tale of Friendship.

So Taelor ran along to get changed while I cleared the table and did the dishes.

He came into the kitchen asking for a glass of water for Daisy, so I helped him fill the glass, and off to his room it went. He took his time to pick the perfect spot by the window then lovingly placed Daisy in it. He felt the window would be nice so that the sunflowers would keep Daisy company.

So sweet!

Before the story, we said our prayers and prayed for everyone we know – including his pets and his new friend, Daisy.

After that, I got him tucked in under the covers and began to tell him the rest of the story. Boy was it a roller-coaster. We thought it would end badly, because of so much that was happening so near the end, but at the last minute a miracle occurred. We discovered just how the Platypus came into being. Who would have known it was born through the magic of true friendship.

It was a wonderful story and a happy ending.

I cuddled him, brushed his hair away from his face and kissed him gently as I tucked him in for bed. It was a while after he had slept that I went on to my room.

And so ended another amazing day in my very blessed life.

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