Cocoa – Tae’s awesome horse

Summer last year, we spent it at Masoma. One of the pieces of furniture we had while there didn’t quite make it to us during the move. Apparently, FedEx got it to our address in Scotland long after we had moved, and we’ve been without it ever since. It was Taelor’s rocking unicorn – Rockie.

So today when we got a package from FedEx, it was a joyous thing indeed, so we dragged it up to the Attic where there was enough space for it.

All this excitement after Taelor got to have some gumbo for dinner. He liked it, even if it was a little bit spicy.

The excitement continued a bit. Earlier in the week, I had gotten a little stable created for Cocoa, Taelor’s horse. He’d gotten Cocoa as a Christmas pressie from his cousin, Timmy, last year. But as it was winter, he didn’t get much chance to bond with him.

So on this lovely Spring evening, we decided that he would get to spend some time with Cocoa. Taelor asked if I would ride with him, and I of course agreed. It was his first time really getting to ride the horse, so it was really inevitable that I’d get on with him, and make certain he wasn’t gonna slide off during the trotting and galloping.

First, I had him walk Cocoa around the house a few times.  It wasn’t only a good warm up for Cocoa, but it was great for Taelor to get used to the wobbly movement of the horse. Tae took to riding like a natural! He patted Cocoa’s neck and encouraged him as he guided him on the dirt road around the house.

After that, he guided Cocoa on to the beach, and that’s when all the fun really kicked off. Turns out Cocoa is really talented. His parents must have been racing horses, because he certainly has a knack for it. Soon as Taelor egged him on, he took on racing – fast!

We stopped for a bit to take in the lovely view of the ocean. Taelor wondered where the sea horses were. The thought of the sea horses meeting the land horse was pleasant to mull over. Would have been nice if that happened.

After all the racing on the shore, we headed back to the track inside our compound. It was here that we discovered that not only is Cookie an amazing runner, but he was built to jump! Taelor took him back and forth practicing jumps and training Cocoa to trust and listen to him. It went really well.

They practiced long enough for Tae’s bottom began to hurt, so that was when I decided to call it for the day. No doubt tomorrow he might be a teeny bit sore.

He did have a bit of energy left, and spent it tending to Cocoa. He brought over some Oats and fetched water from the trough then stood in front of Cocoa, held his finger out and said “Now you eat up all of your food”, like a momma. <beamed> I felt super proud. He does his best taking care of his pets.

While he fussed about around Cocoa, encouraging him to finish eating and brushing her lovely mane (with a brush he made all by himself), I sat on the ground and played some music to both of them.

It was such a lovely moment – The gentle breeze, with sound from the lovely birds, and the occasional content ‘neighing’ from Cocoa. I enjoyed it so much.

Before bed, Taelor and I stepped out to window shop. That lasted only a short time, because bed time quickly crept round. So we headed home and he got washed up and ready for bed.

We got down to saying bed time prayers and soon as that was finished, we heard a ring on the door. It was late…who ever could it be?

BRY! One of Taelor’s besties had come by to visit. So of course, I let Tae stay up just a teeny bit longer, since he was itching to give her presents he had made and bought for her.

We’d been out a few weeks ago and saw some fish. We got them, and when we got home, Taelor decided that Bry should have them instead, since she LOVES fish a lot. After that, he set out to make a fish bowl for them.

Bry was ecstatic as you can imagine! She really loves fishies. Soon after that, they hugged goodnight and I took Taelor back to bed and tucked him in for the night.

He was asleep in seconds. I lingered a few moments after he had drifted off. It makes me so happy seeing him so at peace.

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