Taelor Meets Shawn and Isaac

I’d had a rough week being sick for most of it in hospital. Such a shame since only a few days prior, I had taken in these two lovely little boys in much need of love.

The few moments spent with them, led me to believe that Taelor just might like them a lot. So after dinner, we went on over to the orphanage so I could make the introductions.

Tae got himself dressed up in his Princess overalls, but ran off after dinner to go put on his Tiara – after all, he is a princess! *beams*.

After that, we headed over and boy was I right. He quickly made friends with them. Tae has never had a brother before, so I knew he was curious about what it was like for both of them when I overheard him asking them about it. He mused over the pet names Shawn kept calling Isaac, and I knew he was really warming up to them when he inquired about calling Isaac the nickname Shawn used for him – Bubby.

Fortunately, he did understand why he couldn’t after Shawn answered, and it didn’t sting him too much. In fact, like a child, he forgot all about it in no time and scurried off to show them his tree house at our compound. I even over heard him inviting them to play with his doll house. Earlier Shawn had showed him his pet budgie and toy cars. They were getting along well.

It was so nice hearing the laughter and squealing from all the children running about having their silly fun. I was getting Dieter fed as they played.

Soon, Dieter made his way over and got to join in the fun.

Children are such a joy.

It’s so nice to be home! ❤ Thank you Lord. ❤

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