Taelor taste tests the Chocolate eggs

It’s Easter season and besides the reminder of God’s greatest gift to us – Jesus, his son – there is also the promise of lots of chocolate eggs, thanks to western culture.

((Although Easter already came and went in RL, I am celebrating mine in SL regardless since I was sick :P))

So, I had spent my week working with one of the best Chocolatiers to create the yummies eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt to happen at the orphanage this Saturday. Since, my partner in crime (Taelor) was none the wiser, I decided I would have him taste them to see just whether or not they were yummy enough to be hidden. Yes, I did this on a non-Saturday day. But I made him have soup and salad first.

I don’t recall getting an expert appraisal about the chocolate. However, I think “MMMMMMMMMMM” from a 9 year old, is pretty darn good enough. *laughs*

We spent the day mainly catching up and cuddling, and turning in early, so I could read him a few chapters out of a new book – Winnie The Pooh “Surrounded by Water”. So, he got ready for bed time, but before we said our prayers, I gave him his Easter Card. ❤

There truly is no gift greater than the gift God gave, and because of that I celebrate. ❤

After he read his card and gave me SUFFICIENT kisseehhs and huggles, we said prayers then snuggled up in his bed and I read the book to him.

We have a few chapters left to read, but we’ve saved that for next time. ❤

I Love him!

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